Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Party 2011


We had a lovely party Saturday! We followed the menu, as planned...

The lemon minis were a hit, as usual (thanks for baking them, Melis!).

Chocolate with butter cream (thanks for baking them, Beth!) and TomKat toppers

The chocolate chip cookies with milk shots were my personal favorite, and were super popular. Em baked the cookies using this recipe
(note: she used an extra 1/2 cup of flour and they were the best ever!).
(Idea from Stephmodo, shot glasses purchased here.)

The sugar cookies were divine. I'm telling you, it doesn't get better than this recipe!

The drink table, complete with cherished heirlooms from Cookie--the decanter, the candy dish, and the napkins she sent me last spring. (My mom and I had to cry about it for a minute.)

Em and I sample the sparkling pomegranate juice.

Some of the kiddos (clockwise from top left): Mary enjoys a chocolate cupcake, Andrew takes a shot of milk (we did the hard stuff--whole milk!), Lily samples the goodies, Blaine shows me how he made his 'O' cookie into a 'C' cookie, Dean arrives, Simon and Henry check out the goods.

Shout out to my mom (thanks for bringing the raspberries every year, Mom) and my babe of a m-i-l (in a hat she felted herself, of course).

Just one of the perks about living in Southern Oregon--65 degree weather in February. The kids drew with chalk for ages and then retired to the park just a block away.

How we found the toy room and Roger after all of the guests departed!

We'd love to hear how your V-day parties went!

We love you!
Em and Anne

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