Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello World Baby Shower

A year or so ago I spotted this via Pinterest, and it's been tucked in my brain, brewing ever since.  

Then, a couple of months ago I discovered this onesie by Hen&Co (thanks to Brickyard Buffalo) and I knew we had our shower theme for my friend, Hailey.  Hello World!

This was such a fun (and easy!) shower to decorate for.  I rounded up all of the maps and globes in the house, and sewed a bunch of garlands from old atlas pages that I had punched circles and scallops from.  I also made a mini bunting for the cake by cutting tiny triangles from the atlas and sewing them together.  I just used paper straws to stake the bunting in to the cake.

The real aha moment came when I was menu planning and realized it should be food inspired by the same theme.  Between me, my husband, Taylor, and several friends, we presented:
The serve your own Italian Sodas on the buffet were maybe my favorite part.  You just need soda water, various syrups (I get large bottles at our local restaurant supply store), and whipped cream. We even bought giant bags of ice from Sonic (you know they have the best ice ever)!!

For dessert we served our Cropper family BTS cake (I really need to post this recipe soon!) and English trifle.  {Sidenote on the trifle: It was supposed to be a gorgeous lemon bundt cake.  When poor Jessie's cake didn't make it successfully out of the bundt pan and she and I were discouraged, Taylor--in such a Tim Gunn moment--exclaimed, "Perfect!  You can make trifle!" I had instant pudding in the pantry and hand-picked blackberries in the freezer, and so we had our make it work moment!  My husband is amazing, you know that?!}

Anyone who knows me knows that I think that's all you need for a good party--pretty things to look at, delicious food, good conversation, and some presents to the spoil the guest of honor (no games necessary). 

Congrats, Hailey!  Can't wait to meet that baby boy!

Giant balloon, tissue pom pom, paper straws--Shop Sweet Lulu
Hello World onesie--Hen& Co


Lesley said...

Darling! I love this theme. So clever!

Emily said...

Love it! My friend Amy and I have been throwing this shower for awhile now... We called ours "Welcome to the World." I wish I would of known, I would of sent you all of my designs! Next time?! I will send you some pics of the first one we threw.

Emily Anne said...

You are the queen of parties and this one is particularly darling!

families are forever said...

You are so creative!

jeanine said...

You always throw the most beautiful parties!

Joan said...

Anne, you should have thrown in how you threw two bridal showers back to back the weekend before or after this one, right?
You're amazing.
The food is making my yummy growl.
Trifle is my FAVE.
Tay is the ideal party planning assistant for you.
I miss you and our Sonic/Chipotle/Target dates :)
Love, Joan

Lorraine said...


Rachel Haack said...

oh man, love this whole idea. makes me want to host a baby shower. scratch that...makes me want to ATTEND any baby shower you are hosting and enjoy the scenery and FOOD!