Thursday, August 8, 2013

The craziest summer ever

About a month ago a bunch of us Croppers left the kiddos with a sitter, crammed into my dirty minivan (with an outdated Mitt sticker), and drove downtown to one of our favorite Ashland destinations--Black Sheep. As we looked for a place to park, we noticed among the throngs of Shakespeare goers, a darling young couple with a little boy. The woman was a beautiful blonde and Melissa and I both noted her perfect orange summer dress. After we parked and started to cross the plaza, the girl in the orange dress stopped me and said, 'Are you Anne? I read your blog!' She is a friend of a friend (hi Katie! hi Rae!), and it was so fun to meet her and her beautiful, warm, darling family.

That little encounter reminded me, 'Oh yeah. I have a blog.' A blog I love and care about. A space that has helped me record bits of my life and aided me in the process of self reflection. And I won't give up on it.

I have to say, I usually tell people that the transition from zero to one child was harder than anything else, but lately I've realized that having four kids (numbers 3 and 4 back to back!) is pretty friggin intense and basically the hardest thing I've ever done. I really really super duper love it, but holy crap parenthood is no joke.

This summer has been epic. We have had so many family events and various trips that my head is still spinning and my house still recovering. It was a whole lot of fun but honestly, pretty hard on some of the children. As much as I hate to bid farewell to sunny days at the pool and exciting outings, I'm loving the start of fall with its crisp air and promise of fresh beginnings and routine.

Here are a bunch of fun photos to recap the summer and here's hoping for more regular writing and reflecting!

Celebrating 32 with a cruising date to the local taco shop and a ladies' night to Larks...

Penny & Tillie Garden party--absolute blast!

Hiked Roxy Ann with the aunts and cousins...

4th of July parade

Hall Family Reunion in Lincoln City.  32 people in a big giant beach house=awesomeness!

Fulfilling life long dreams of visiting NYC... on the roof of the Met

...and in Heaven aka Mood Designer Fabrics

Cheering Taylor on in his Rolf Prima Triathlon in Cottage Grove

In Portland for Dan and Marisa's wedding...
I helped by making decor for the rehearsal dinner, Taylor made the wedding cake (in a hotel room!)
We love her...a LOT.

Eugene Garden Party...

Visit from Lisa, Janeen, Gretta, and Drew.  Best ever!

Ashland Growers Market for all the necessities--basil, carrots, donuts...

Maybe the most fun we've ever had at The Color Run

My first ever camping trip (seriously though) on Labor Day at Howard Prairie.  We had the whole campground to ourselves and we were in heaven (until trying to sleep with a baby in a tent...)

Taylor's Lake of the Woods Triathlon and a day at the lake--total bliss.
So, ya, busy summer.  A bit sad to see it go, but mostly ready for the change of pace.



Kate said...

looks like you guys have had fun! i sure hope you keep posting ;)

Robyn said...

You guys are so busy, but live how you both make time to look after yourselves- with tris and runs. Would love to do a colour run!

Rachael said...

"Holy crap parenthood is no joke"--that just might be my favorite thing I've read on a blog, ever.

When my third baby was born, I felt like I finally had motherhood down. When my fourth baby was born, I felt like I was drowning. When my fifth baby was born, I started taking antidepressants (does that sound too facetious?). I love, love, LOVE being a mother and I love my children and I hope I have at least one more--but boy, it is hard work. Rewarding and good and vital, but hard. I feel like it gets so much harder as my children get older and I realize all of the tough things they're up against.

So I know that wasn't the main thrust of your post, but thanks for being honest about what it's like to be in the trenches. :-)

Rachel Haack said...

K, so many things I love about your return!!!!
1.Katy is just lovely...she texted me completely embarrassed about having come across like a blog stalker, but I assured her that having never officially met u myself and yet considering u an actual friend nonetheless that we were in good company. Too funny. I am SO glad for the Internet on days like these. I have been introduced to amazing women and I love it.
2. What a line up of adventure you've posted: enjoyed looking at every bit. Your husband baking a cake in a HOTEL room?!!! Of course. You Martha Stewart super people.
3. Girl, you got BANGS. Love love love.

If I'm ever up in Oregon I'm going to take u to lunch. ;)

Katy Nicole. said...

It was so nice meeting you. I am glad I didn't come off as a complete blog stalker:) My sweet buddy Rae speaks the truth...I was worried that I had scared you out of blogging forever!! Thank you for being so kind and you are as DARLING in person as you are on your blog!!

Also...I noticed your pictures from Puck's Doughnuts. I am still dreaming about the orange doughnuts I smashed from there during our trip!! Ashland is so cool! Loved it.

Take care!!!

Katy Nicole :)