Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Young Buck Baby Shower

Several months ago, after offering to host a shower for our cute friend, Lilliana, who is expecting a baby boy this spring, Jessie and I started brainstorming a theme.  The moment the words "young buck" fell out of Jessie's mouth, we knew we had a winner.  We wanted to make it super masculine--from the woodsy decor to the food.  No creme puffs at this shower!  It is the most fun we've had creating a party to date.
There were several natural elements that really made this party amazing--wood stumps of varying sizes, antlers, and gobs of flowers.   Other than that, every single thing you need to duplicate this party is available in our shop.
 {Plaid bunting available here, felt ball garland here}

We happened to procure a lot of antlers.  Wrapping a bit of yarn around them adds an extra pop of color and texture.

We've been using our gray and white chevron tablecloth for a lot of events.  It provides a simple canvas, but with a little more interest than plain white.  We had a ton of fun arranging the stumps as cake plates and tried to arrange the flowers in a super casual, natural way.

We knew we wanted to use giant red balloons to really make a statement, and came up with these fun plaid and chipboard garlands to tie on.  You can buy the entire balloon kit here.

 {Lunch boxes here}

Like I said, we wanted to serve atypical shower food, so we called on our friend, Catherine, who filled lunch boxes with meatball sliders (on homemade rolls!), kettle chips, and an amazing green salad with strawberries, cranberries, parmesan cheese, and a poppyseed/pesto dressing that was TDF.  We also served Henry Weinhard's rootbeer, which just felt perfect!

For dessert we served chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting and lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream.  We kept it simple with Betty Crocker mixes, but made our frosting. (Recipes coming soon!)  You can buy the toppers here.

It doesn't get more sweet and darling than Lilliana, and we absolutely can't wait to meet her young buck!

anne & jessie

***photos by Olivia Leigh Photography


Barb said...

Are you kidding me?! This is the most darling and fresh and eye-pleasing shower!

Rachel Haack said...

Pin, pin, pin, pin, pin pin pin. Pinterest seriously owes its success to crazy REAL LIFE Martha Stewarts like you ladies. So stinking cute. I LOVE the idea of the stumps as serving trays?!!

jeanine said...

You ladies are seriously amazing! These ladies are lucky to have you as a friend... what fun parties you throw!