Monday, May 21, 2007

Chasing Adrian

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's pop-culture brainbuster! Special shout-out to my amazing cousin, Sarah Roberts, who nailed it! Here's something you should know about Sarah: even when she was over 9 months pregnant with her first son, she sent me a killer Halloween package on my mission. She also sent me an Easter package, and what had she glued onto the inside of the box? Cut-outs from the latest People magazine of all the gorgeous Oscar attendees in their fab gowns. Yes, this is how cool Sarah is. Take a bow, Sarah.

There was a comment made by Danielle about the bummer of seeing everyone's comments right away. I concur. I am therefore moderating your comments for a day. I will publish comments Wednesday morn.

As for last week's questions. Let's recap.

1. Reese Witherspoon's first movie was The Man in the Moon. She plays a girl named Dani. My friend Beth and I used to watch it over and over! Yes, Liz, it is totally worth seeing. I think it's a great movie. (Of course I'm partial due to the sentimentality of watching a movie with your best childhood friend, but still...) And yeah, how gorgeous is Reese anyway? Love her!

2. Sam Waterston, who plays district attorney Jack McCoy on Law&Order, plays Reese's father in the movie. I don't love him in The Man in the Moon (he's a brash, 1950s dad). I do LOVE him in Law&Order. He's totally the man.

3 and 4. The London twin in The Man in the Moon is Jason. He plays Court Foster, with whom Dani is smitten. His brother, Jeremy, played Griffin Holbrook in Party of Five. He married Neve Campbell's character, Julia. Just for the record, I didn't care for Griffin. I always rooted for Julia's best friend/love interest, Justin. Ooooh, I LOVED that show!

5. Neve Campbell was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon. Never saw it. Never care to. I agree with Traci that the movie cover alone looks creepy. Sorry--had to make the Kevin Bacon connection!

Now for today's question:

It's a 3-parter, but I think it should be a bit easier.

His name is Adrian Grenier. We first noticed him in a 1999 movie with my so-called look-alike.

1. (a)Do you know the name of the movie? (b) Do you know who my look-alike is?

(I hope you realize that just by admitting that I resemble her is a big step for me since I've been in denial about it for about 10 years.) Hint: This is what I look like.

2. He has recently starred in a show on HBO called what?

3. We also saw him recently with Anne Hathaway in what movie?

Good luck and check back for comments tomorrow!


Anne said...

Testing to see if I am, in fact, moderating comments.

Taylor said...

I don't know who any of those people are

Anne said...

Oooh yes, I think it's working!!

lori said...

oh, Anne, my head is spinning. Beautiful picture of you, though!!! :)

liz said...

I'm reall embarrassed to say that I've seen the movie Drive Me Crazy more than once! It's a little after my time, don't you think? Of course, you are so much cuter than Melissa Joan Hart -- especially since she was enormous when you were both preggo. Adrien Grenier (who is so hot, btw -- don't tell Matt I said that) is also in Entourage, which I haven't seen. And he was darling in the Devil Wears Prada. Love this game, Anne!

Katie said...

This is definitely more up my ally with the teeny-bopper flick!
1. Drive Me Crazy and Melissa Jan Hart (There is really only a slight resemblance, you are waaaaayyyy hotter!)
2. Entourage
3. Devil Wears Prada (who doesn't love this movie?)
Thanks, that was fun.

Katrina said...

Fun game! Ok, So I totally cheated and looked Adrian up on IMdb, so I can't really take credit even though once I saw who he is I knew the rest. But here are the answers:
1. a) Drive me Crazy
b) Melissa Joan Hart
2. Entourage
3. Devil Wears Prada

For the record, I think you are MUCH prettier than Melissa Joan Hart!

kate said...

Oh dear! The only answer I know is your look-a-like, and that's only because I am your friend and have been terrified with you that people think you look like Sabrina the Teenage Witch!! First of all I don't see it and second, you are WAY, WAY, WAY cuter then her! I mean really! You are like a model in that picture! How do you get your hair to do that? What products do you use? Mine would be all help...I need a new look and I want to look like you, you are my hero.

Like usual I am a total waste when it comes to Trivial Tuesday!

Traci said...

Anne, I just can't help myself. I have turned Trivial Tuesdays into Trivial Monday which doesn't have the same ring to it but is JUST as exciting. I have to take a little peak every Mon. night before bed. So last night in my sneakiness I had to call Mark into the room to join in the fun, saying "Hey Mark, come see how good I am at Trivial Tuesdays!" :) After reading it Mark said, "Who does she look like?", "Meg Ryan?" (I thought you would like that one) and then I quickly corrected him saying "Oh no Mark, it's Melissa Joan Hart, you know Sabrina the Teenage Witch." He looked at me puzzled so we googled her and as soon as he saw her picture he said "WOW, they look exactly alike!" I wouldn't have told you that story 5 years ago knowing your dislike of the comparison but now that you have come to terms I am not afraid that your feelings will be hurt.
So, with that said, the movie they starred in together is none other than Drive Me Crazy which I believe we watched almost as much as Bring It On right? Do you remember our trip to Ogden and seeing the High School that it was filmed at?
Well, I don't know the HBO show, remember no TV, but I do know the recent movie he starred in. Of course, The Devil Wears Prada. Loved this movie and have thought seriously about buying it, which is big for me because I don't buy movies. So, how did I do? See you next Tuesday.....but who are we kidding it will really be Monday night... see you then!

Emily said...

Oooooh! Me and Google know this one! Ok, so the movie was Drive Me Crazy with Melissa Joan Hart, of course. And no, I don't really think she looks like you. But Yes, I do think you look like a FOX in that picture, my goodness! OK, back to my the HBO show called Entourage? hope so. And lastly, the movie with Anne Hathaway is The Devil Wears Prada, which we just watched a couple of weekends ago and found quite entertaining. I don't consider myself very "Pop-culture Pink Savvy," but this sure is fun :)

Jill said...


I am so excited! I actually know part of this one!!!!!!

1. Don't Know
2. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
3. Entourage

Hugs and loves, JILLY

Sugar said...

Anne, you are much hotter than Melissa Joan Hart. I remember talking about that at the house...and if I can recall you hated people thinking that you looked like her. Well, you are by far a better version. I never have any clue on your trivia...Jeff and I love movies, just not classics I guess! I didn't even know that Melissa Joan Hart was the answer to that question other than the fact that we've talked about it before. I'm a trivia loser!

danielle said...

Ok I am so excitied! I know all of these! 1.Drive me crazy...and if I remember correctly a certain roomate of mine had a pretty big crush on him...hmmm wonder who that could be. YOUR look alike is of course Melissa Joan Heart, to which I still maintain that you are way cuter. 2.HBO show is called Entourage. 3. The Devil Wears Prada. There...hoo-hah

Anne said...

Good heavens! You've all made me blush! Thank you all for those incredibly compliments (that I promise I wasn't fishing for)! Seriously, you are all so kind! I'm glad yer all having fun with this one! On some personal notes...
-Tay, I love you. Thanks for loving me despite the fact that I leave you to hold Blaine and pay the clerk while I immerse myself in People magazine at the grocery store check-out.
-Lori, your better off. Think of how much brain capacity I'm using on all this junk instead of memorizing scriptures or something!
-Liz, while "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "Say Anything" are more your time, I think you can love "Drive Me Crazy" too. I won't tell Matt. :)
-Katie and Traci- yeah, how many times did we watch DMC and Bring it On?! Hilarious. Gotta love that.
-Katrina, so happy to have you! I like to peek at your blog, as it's as fab as you are. Always feel free to consult imdb!
-Kate, I'm your hero?! Wow, I've never felt more like a million bucks! :) The funny thing about that pic is that was the day I ran around like a crazy fool, checking out all those gajillion residents, and then went to that babe shower of Em's with you. Actual secret: My hair always "scrunches" best like that when it is on day 2 or 3 without a wash! Add a little water and hairspray and scrunch away!
-Traci, I'm dying laughing about your Mon. night sneakiness! So funny about Mark's reaction, too! When I had the You've Got Mail haircut people told me I looked like Meg Ryan, but I'm sure it was the hair.
-Em and Jilly, congrats! Help yerselves to a slice of pink pie!
-Heidi, you are not a trivia loser! Repeat that to yourself 3 times!
-Danielle, yeah, of course I had a crush on him. Also one on Jesse Bradford--the guy in Bring it On you remember who I had a cut-out pic of on my mirror back at good ole Whitney Hall? That would be Freddie Prinze Jr.!!

Thanks for playing, y'all!