Monday, May 14, 2007

Kicking it up a notch

Wow! Turns out Trivial Tuesday is the funnest (I'm aware this isn't a word) ever! Congratulations to those of you who correctly identified the theme song from Golden Girls. By the way, does anyone else find it fascinating/hilarious that there was a hit TV show about four elderly women (I would say "old ladies," but I don't think that's as PC!)?! Gotta love the '80s! I was thrilled to meet several of you, who-inspired by your love of pop culture I assume-came out of lurkdom. Welcome!
Liz, you're right. That one was on the easy side (don't worry, Heidi. We're still friends even if you don't ever watch an episode of the Golden or Gilmore girls!). So, as Emeril would say, "Let's kick it up a notch!" Today's trivia is my own little version of the Kevin Bacon game. And it's hard. I myself had to do a little research on imdb (GREATEST site!) to make sure I had my facts straight. So don't worry if you don't get it all. Or if you have to do some googling or wikipedia-ing to get it.
The question is mulit-faceted. It's not all or nothing. You can get partial credit. :) (I'm not really sure what the point system is--feel free to award yourself points, smiley faces, thumbs up, what have you...)

OK-here goes.

1. Name Reese Witherspoon's first movie.
2. In this movie she co-stars with what Law&Order star?
3. In this movie Reese also co-stars with an actor who's a
twin. Who is he? Who's his twin?
4. The twin brother co-starred in what Fox TV show with Neve
5. And Neve Campbell starred in what 1998 movie with Denise
Richards and-you guessed it-KEVIN BACON??!!

I know. I'll make next week's a little less insane. GOOD LUCK!


Sarah Roberts said...

Alright Anne, this is fairly scary for me, because I didn't have to look any of this up!
1. Man in the moon
2. Sam Waterston
3. Jason and Jeremy London
4.Party of Five
5. Wild Things

I could be wrong about number 4, but I don't think so! Some people are geeky about math, I am a complete pop culture nerd!

Emily said...

I give up! I'm pop-culture illiterate, I say! But I still love Trivial Tuesday 'cause it's so quintessential Anne :)

Spires Family said...

Ok Anne I don't think that I need to give you the answers but I will confess I had to look up Wild Things, and when I did I remembered how creepy the cover of the movie was and why I chose to block it out of my memory. And how could I forget the crush that I had on the London twins? To throw another Food Network quote back at you "YUM-O" Although it was during the Party of Five days and definetly PRE-7th Heaven days. That was fun Anne. I am already looking forward to next week!

kate said...

Ummm... What!? I was stumped with the first part of the question...and I'm looking at Sarah's answers and I don't know any of them! I am the first child in my family...don't blame me for never seeing Party of Five...blame my parents! I still love trivial Tuesday!

Katie said...

I only know number 1 and number 4 off the top of my head. Yikes. That was a hard one! Sarah Roberts, whoever you are... nice work!

danielle said...

Ok the only bummer about this is that when you read the blog and you get really excited about knowing the answer, you go to leave a comment and realize someone else already answered it. Oh well. I was a huge fan of Man in the moon. In LOVE with Jason/Jeramy London! and in love with you. So what are you doing tonight at 7:00????

liz said...

Anne, Sarah totally has us beat. I guess we know which side of the family the pop culture gene comes from. I had 1,4, and 5, but never saw Man in the Moon, so would've had to look up 2 and 3. Is it worth seeing?

Emily said...

Reese is so gorgeous. (sigh!)

Christina said...

I think Sarah got all the pop culture gene in our family. I didn't know one answer! Thanks for the fun!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever see the Rosie O'donnell where Rosie made the London twin on Party of Five write, the entire episode, something like I will stop being mean to Julia....he didn't seem too happy about it. I just couldn't remember Jason London, but I knew everything else. It's a weird thing about me. Liz could tell you, remember Brain Bowl?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that last one was me, Andrea!

Jill said...

I am not surprised Sarah got this one as she is also the gal who tapes the Oscars and watches it in great detail! Miss you Sarah!!!! As for me, I was clueless at who is Rheese? (j/k)

Sugar said...

I'm with Kate...I had no clue! Thanks for emailing me that story from the quote book. I completely remember that day! Fun fun.

lori said...

yet another indication that I'm pop-culturally clueless! I didn't even finish reading this one - just looked at the pictures. =) I don't even get an E for effort!
(as per your comment on my last post - I will always remember Lucy after sitting on your lap saying "so nice Anne!"