Monday, June 18, 2007

Tim, Faith, and Friends

I'm still listening to Tim and Faith 24/7. (Obsessed much?) I also found the video online of their song "I Need You" and watched it about 6 times in a row. Then I told Taylor we should sing it for the next Hall or Cropper family talent show. Yes, I am trying to live the dream. But enough about me.
As for last week's trivia--congratulations to
Emily (and Wikipedia) for nailing all the right answers. Yes, Tim McGraw met Faith Hill when they toured together in 1996. It was called the Spontaneous Combustion Tour. And Danielle, I think you're right that Tim proposed on stage. (How very Johnny Cash!) They married in October of that year, and started making gorgeous baby girls. There are three in fact--Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey (which is also Faith's first name).

Also, props to Jill for the most creative answers. In response to my questions about their children she answered: "Kids? Faith has had kids?...Well, let's say 2 boys(of course born with the greatest chest hair and pecks anyone could dream of) and 2 girls(with legs that don't end!)!" You're a crack-up, Jill! I couldn't find any photos of the girls, but I suspect their legs are never-ending like their mother's!

This week's question:


1. This sitcom ran on NBC from 199_ to 200_.

2. There are 6 main characters. Can you name the first and last name of each character and match them up with the first and last name of each actor that stars in the show?

3. Did you watch Friends? Who was your favorite "friend?"


LCM said...

Um, 1994 to 2004.
Monica Gellar Bing- Courtney Cox
Chandler Bing- Matthew Perry
Ross Gellar- David Schwimmer
Joey Tribiani- Matt Le Blanc
Phoebe Buffet- Lisa Kudrow
Rachel Green- Jennifer Aniston
we always watched Friends. I would have to say that Chandler was my favorite. My favorite episode of all time was a Christmas one where Ross and Monica danced together, to be followed by when Brad Pitt guest starred.

Christina said...

I didn't want to google because I wasn't sure if that was allowed. So here are my incomplete answers. This was one of the shows I watched back in my tv watching days.
1. 1995-2005
2. Rachel - Jennifer Anniston
Chandler Bing - Matthew Perry
Ross Gellar - David Schwimmer
Monica Gellar - Courtney Cox
Phoebe - Lisa Kudrow
Joey - Matt LeBlanc
3. Rachel

Traci said...

I LOVE FRIENDS!!!! Did you know that Mark and I had our first kiss after watching endless episodes of Friends on DVD. It will always have a special place in my heart! (I get butterflys just thinking about it!)
OK now the ?'s
1. 1993-2004? oh I don't know
2.Rachel Green - Jennifer Aniston
Monica Gellar - Courtney Cox
Pheobe Boufe (sp?) - I don't know her real name but I know she was on Mad About You.
Chandler Bing (ha ha) - Matthew Perry
Ross Gellar - David Schwimmer (sp?)
Joey Tribiani- Matt Leblanc
*ok I didn't even flinch at spitting out their TV names. Yikes!
3. I watched friends all the time. My freshman year, I would go over to my friend Michelle VanSlacks house and watch every week. It was new then and the coolest show on TV! My favorite friend was Rachel Green because who didn't want to be her right? ( and I secretly still do ) But I love all the friends for different reasons.

Katrina said...

Gotta love "Friends"! Excellent questions...

1. 1994-2004
2. Monica Geller-- Courtney Love
Ross Geller-- David Schwimer
Chandler Bing-- Matthew Perry
Joey Tribiani-- Matt Leblanc
Rachel Green-- Jennifer Aniston
Phoebe Buffay-- Lisa Kudrow
3. You betcha I watched Friends... from the very beginning. Man, I guess I grew up with it considering I was like 11 when it started. Crazy! Thursday nights just haven't been the same since.

jeanine said...

Okay I had to cheat on the years (just to double check) but I totally aced question #2 with no help at all (except that I couldn't remember Pheobe's last name and had to ask my husband).
1) 1994 to 2004
2) Joey Tribiani= Matt LeBlanc
Chandler Bing= Matthew Perry
Ross Gellar= David Schwimmer
Monica Gellar= Courtney Cox
Rachel Green= Jennifer Aniston
Pheobe Bouffet= Lisa Kudrow
3) I love Joey... you would think that NO ONE could really be like him... until you met my husband's former roommate--Joey incarnate.

liz said...

I can't believe I forgot to do this yesterday! I'm not going to answer, since I've read everyone's comments already. I didn't know the exact years, but would have aced the names. I love friends, and have definitely seen every episode, but still watch a re-run occasionally. This has caused a problem recently, as my 9-year-old has developed an affection for the show, which my husband doesn't think is very appropriate for him. What do you think? I watched every episode of Three's Company at his age -- do you think Friends is worse?

My favorite episode of friends is the one where they show what would've happened if ... you know, where Monica is still fat, and Phoebe is a stockbroker? Hilarious. The 80s flashback ones are always good too -- Chandler in huaraches? Come on.

Barb said...

1995 to 2005
Monica Gellar- Courteney Cox Arquette
Rachel Greene- Jennifer Aniston
Pheobe Buffay- Lisa Kudrow
Joey Tribbiani- Matt Le Blanc
Chandler Bing- Matthew Perry
Dr. Ross Gellar- David Schwimmer

I remember watching Friends since I was too young to understand all the jokes! I loved the Jam episode when Monica made Jam and Joey kept eating it with a spoon. And I love the Trivia one where Ross made up a trivia game for Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Joey to compete for the bigger apartment (sample question: What is Monica's pet peeve? Answer: Animals dressed as humans!)

I think my favorite friend is Monica- she's such a spaz!

Rodrigo said...

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kate said...

thanks for the comment and I miss my Cropper's too!!! I'll be back down before too long...but I still think you guys should come up for a weekend getaway...we'll go to Jackson or Yellowstone!!!!

danielle said...

I always miss the tuesday post. I am not as good a blogger as some but I wanted to say hi anyway. remember when we all used to try and say wich "friend" we were most like? "No your totally Phoebe"..."Oh my gosh I am so Monica". What dorks we were. I think I secretly wish I were little more like Monica with all her neatness issues, but I really like phoebe the most because she always seemed happy inspite of a weird hard life and was ok being a little different. My favorite episode was the thanksgiving one where Joey weas maternity pants to dinner so he can eat more and Racheal puts meat in the trifle. So funny. I never watched the show when I was younger...we weren;t allowed, but I have sure caught up in syndication.

Jill said...

1. Show ran 1993-2002
2. Monica Geller Bing-Courtney Cox Arquette
Chandler Bing-Matthew Perry
Ross Geller-David Schwimmer
Rachel___-Jennifer Aniston
Phoebe Buffay-Lisa Kudrow
Joey Tribiani-Matt Le Blanc
3. My favorite character development/story was the Ross/Rachel saga. I couldn't get enough of it. But as far as sheer laughs, Phoebe was my gal! Smelly cat...Smelly cat...why do you smell so bad?

Emily said...

Anne, Mmmm! loved your comment on my latest post. Lots to think about. I hope I came across right...not at all wanting to bemoan my job, just trying to remind myself to love it and value it. I think you got that, though. you're usually pretty darn good at "getting" me :) I can't wait to see what you post about all these thoughts that have been marinating in your mind. Love you.

Paige said...

Of course we all watched Friends, didn't we? It went from 94 to 2004. Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) was my favorite, and I now enjoy watching him on Studio 60.
Phoebe Buffet (Lisa Kudrow) was the one I think I could most likely be friends with, and I loved the smelly cat song.
Monica Gellar (Courtney Cox) reminds me a bit of a friend of mine, so even though she's OCD, I'd probably tollerate her.
Rachel Green (Jennifer Anniston) is beautiful. Enough said.
Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer).
Joey Tribiani (Matt LeBlanc) cracks me up. He's probably my second favorite friend, and I watched his spin off show a few times, but it sadly didn't make it. Did I mention them all?