Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Prodigal Trivia Buff Returns

I thought about blogging on vacation. But I decided not to. And I can do that. Because I'm the boss of this blog.

As far as our last Trivial Tuesday is concerned, I loved all of your predictions. I suspect that most of you HP fans have finished the final book by now. I, having been on vacation, am still only about half way through. I have therefore been avoiding the internet, television, and anything else that might spoil it for me. I am far enough in, however, to have noted that several of you made some very astute predictions. Kudos to you!

I did make it to my Harry Potter party at the BYU Bookstore. I had hoped to throw together a Fleur costume last minute, but didn't manage to pull it off. I was rather relieved I didn't try, though, when I saw two girls at the party dressed perfectly like Fleur. They had the entire outfit: I know! Cool, huh? There were some awesome costumes. We saw our friend, Tabi, there, and she was a fabulous Moaning Myrtle. The Malfoys were there, as was Dobby, and a super cool FatLadyinthePortrait. Lori and I especially loved this Professor Trelawny:

It was such a blast to be at the party. We were standing in this wicked long line at midnight, waiting to pick up our pre-ordered books, and just reveling in the fact that we were part of such a fun bit of history and culture (or call in pop-culture, if you prefer). Anyway, we loved it.

Some day, when everyone is ready, it will be fun to have a little HP7 discush.

Now, on to today's questions. I think they'll be super easy.

1. One-eyed Willie. Booby traps. Chunk. Sloth: "Hey you guys!" Name the movie.

2. A ferret. A school on fire. The govenah: "It's not a tum-ah." Name the movie.

3. What do those two movies have to do with me and my recent vacation?


jeanine said...

1. goonies!!!
2 & 3 no idea
ps. the HP party looks like itwas a blast

LCM said...

1) Goonies!
2)Kindergarten cop
3) Weren't they both filmed in Astoria? Are you referencing Oregon, or the Oregon coast? Weren't you here in the great state of Oregon?! We have lived in Portland for 5 years and have never done the film tour in Astoria!

lori said...

Anne, you're as beautiful as Fleur even without the costume.

1. Goonies.
2. Kindergarten Cop
3. Are they both set in Oregon? We think they are both set in Oregon.

Happy to have you back!!
I've hung with my pop-culture-savvy family all weekend and it made me blush at my ignorance!! I gotta pay better attention at these Trivial forums!! :)

Jared said...

1. The Goonies
2. Kindergarten Cop.
3. I am guessing that during your vacation you too found a pirate ship filled with treasure, while being followed by a midget lady and her two bumbling sons, and then came back to save little Dominic who was also being chased by a scary midget lady and only one bumbling son. Or... you spent some time in Astoria where both movies were filmed.

Anna said...

I think that I can get some of these (for once)!

1. Goonies! (Had never even heard of it until I moved to west of the great plains, and then everyone was shocked that I had never seen The Childhood Movie. They talked about it like it was as big as E.T.! Maybe it was a west coast/ Utah thing?)
2. Kindergarten Cop? (I've actually never seen it, but who could have lived in the 90's and not heard Arnold's "It's not a tumoh" voiced by every kid on the playground?
3. I have no idea, except a guess. Were they all filmed in Oregon?

liz said...

Goonies and Kindergarten Cop? Is it just me, or was this a little obscure? I've never actually seen either one of those movies -- should I?

Rochelleht said...

Goonies and Kindergarten Cop. Both take place in Oregon. You went on a vacation to Oregon.

I LOVE Goonies.

Also Harry Potter 7. Very cool Trelawny.

Emily said...

Kindergarten Cop.
I have no idea what those movies have to do with your vacation...you watched them while you had the flu?
I'm dying to know! I've missed you.

Jill said...

I really think I got this one without any sort of help at all
1. Goonies (this is still one of my favorite childhood movies)
2. Kindergarten Cop
3. The were both filmed in Oregon
3. Both movies had to deal with crazy kids just like you did with my four.


Katie said...

Goonies and Kindergarten Cop. Are you in Astoria?

danielle said...

lame...I totally knew all these but didn't comment in time. I was on vacation and like you decided not to blog. Yeah for you and being the boss! lets do something fun ok. my phone is totally not working at the moment but I guess I have to get a new one now. It stinks being stranded with no phone!! Glad you had fun in Oregon.

Sugar... said...

Fun! I want to go to a Harry Potter party. I bet you had a great time seeing all the costumes and fanatics. Did you like the book? I thought it was great...and shocking!

kate said...

Where are you?? Are you done moving yet?? I need to call you!