Monday, August 20, 2007

Canadian Edition

The last Trivial Tuesday was sooo long ago, that you've probably forgotten what I asked. Most of you got both movies--Kindergarten Cop and Goonies. Both classics. And yes, they were both filmed in Oregon, where I vacationed. More specifically, they were both filmed in Astoria, Oregon, where I have been before, but did not go this summer. (But I didn't know of any movies filmed in Medford or Ashland, so what are ya gonna do?)

We also traveled, as you know, to Halifax, Nova Scotia. (For a good geography lesson, click here.) I begged Mom to drive us by her old high school so I could take some photos for Triv Tues. (See, even though I wasn't blogging, I was always thinkin' of ya.) Here are said photos:

Queen Elizabeth High in downtown Halifax. Look a little rundown? Ummmm..... YEAH. They are tearing it down soon, as a matter of fact. Now, for your questions:
1) Which of the following Canadian crooners also attended Queen Elizabeth High?
a) Shania Twain
b) Sarah McLachlan
c) Alanis Morissette
2) Can you name five other famous Canadians?


The Innkeeper said...

Yay for Trivial Tuesday!
b) of course.
I probably shouldn't be participating in this edition!
Famous Canadians:
Celine Dion
Jim Carey
Mike Meyers
Neve Campbell
Evangeline Lilly

liz said...

Well, it's kind of cheating, since I was there when you took the picture, but the answer is b. Let's see, five famous Canadians....How about Celine Dion and the four members of Barenaked Ladies?

danielle said...

I am really glad trivial Tuesday is back. I have no idea who went to our mom's old high funny. Well I am going to guess Sarah McLachlan. ok famous Canadians: Mike Myers (my favorite), Lorn Michaels, All of the Barenaked Ladies (my second favorite), Jim Carey, Pam Anderson (ugh), oh and Dave Folley who was on one of very favorite Canadian shows, "Kids in the Hall", which I am sure you remember because you are Anne and you remember everything:)

Traci said...

You mean you aren't going to have your Canadian Edition about Strange Brew? GOOD!!!!! Ha Ha!
1.Ummm total guess but Sarah McLachlan?
2. Celine Dion, Wayne Gretsky?, Brian Adams, Jim Carrey, uhhh I give up, thats all I can think of. Man, Christina is gonna kill at this T.T.

kira said...

I'm too lazy to really answer the questions, but I have to say that I've always found the whole Canadian thing (with Liz) very cool. Some of the best people I know have some Canadian roots.

Sarah said...

I can totally rock this trivia tuesday!
Sarah M went to QEH

Can I name 5 famous Canadians? Ha! Ha!

1. John Candy
2.Michael J. Fox
3. Wayne Gretzky
4. Celine Dion
5. rachel McAdams
6. Tim Horton

I could go on and on, but i don't want to be

Jill said...

1. Shania Twain
2. Anne Murray, Society Socialite and Heiress Rozanne Hall, Colonel Ernest Edwards & Ladia Delia Edwards of KFC Fame (finger lickin' good), and the legendary mob boss Bill Frank.

The Innkeeper said...

You are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I grew up on Mars, I don't know anything! But, I do still like to comment on your blog and say HI!

Emily said...

Hi :) didn't feel very trivial this week, but wanted to say hi, i miss you, and i love you. call me sometime. i know this is the insanest time of your year...but you know, just when you get a minute, I'd love to chat with ya.
Lots of love.