Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Miss Congeniality

OK. Both my sister and my mom told me last week that they miss Trivial Tuesday. I just needed a break. But now we're back...

Sandra Bullock. Saw her in Premonition last week. Didn't like it. (#1) Did you?

#2 What's your fave Sandra movie?

#3 Do you know how old she is?

#4 The first movie I remember seeing her in was a 1993 flick with Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone. It's set it the future, Snipes is a crazy criminal and Stallone is the cop that is supposed to save the world from him. (Yes, it's a super deep, meaningful movie.) Can you name it?


Katrina said...

Glad Trivial Tuesday is back! It's fun.

1. Didn't see it.
2. My fav's are While You Were Sleeping, Hope Floats, and Two Weeks Notice.
3. Sandra is 43, but she looks good!
4. Demolition Man

jeanine said...

1. It was alright... had a lot of potential but just didn't quite make it.
2. I LOVE While You Were Sleeping!
3. I will say 40-ish
4. Demolition Man (had to look that one up)

liz said...

#1 Haven't seen it. Can tell from the preview I wouldn't like it.
#2 I think I'd go with Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood (though that book is better). I also thought Miss Congeniality was pretty funny, if silly. One that I think is a real stinker: Hope Floats.
#3 I think early 40s?
#4 No clue.
Thanks for bringing back my Trivial Tuesday! I almost thought I'd have to start doing my own....

LCM said...

1) Haven't seen it!
2) While you were Sleeping. There is this part, I think it's Christmas morning and the paper boy is out delivering papers and his bike falls over. I saw it with 3 other former paper carriers and it made us giggle throughout the entire movie.
3) Somewhere in her 40s. I would say 43.
4) Demolition Man!! I love that movie.

Amy Jean said...

#1 didn't see it
#2 While you Were Sleeping of course! I love Miss C too
#3 no idea
#4 ditto

Vicky said...

Well, the post said "0 comments," but here I am commenting and there are already 5. Anyway, Anne, I think your blog is awesome! And to answer the questions:

1. Didn't see it; don't want to.
2. While You Were Sleeping! And we Duersches like The Lakehouse
3. I knew she was 40-something, but didn't know exactly. Now I do.
4. No idea. In 1993 I was 9.

Emily said...

#1 Didn't see it. Probably won't. Tim is pretty picky about the movies he sees.
#2 Hope Floats
#3 No idea, maybe 38?
#4 Really don't know. My first movie I remember her being in is Speed. Yes, I saw that one over and over again. Why? Have no idea.

I really like Trivial Tuesday.

Rachel and Jared said...

1. Yikes I could tell it was a bad one.
2. Rachel: While You were Sleeping
Jared: Love Potion #9
3. In her early 40's. (43 or 44)
4. Demolition Man, a TBS/TNT favorite.