Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Could Ewan BE any cuter?

I loved all of the guessing, the dialogue, the hint requests, etc. It was a fun TT! As a final recap, here are the babes:

1. Halle Berry

2. Jennifer Anniston

3. Meg Ryan

4. Ricky Martin

5. Jimi Hendrix

6. Nicole Kidman

7. Janet Jackson

8. Usher

There were many comments about Ewan McGregor last week because he starred in a fabulous movie with #6-Nicole Kidman. So here are some questions about some of his movies... (Hint: none of them are Star Wars.)

1. My absolute favorite Ewan movie is pretty obvious. 2001. Baz Luhrman-directed. Ewan belting out love songs that made my 20-year-old skip a thousand beats.

2. In my next favorite Ewan movie he also sings. But he has dorky long hair and his character is a creep. And, did you know that Cluless is based on the story of this movie??

3. I have yet to see this 2006 Ewan movie. But I've heard it's great. And I loved all her books as a child.

4. If you can name this one you'll be milkshake worthy. 1996. A rather small film but the first movie that brought Ewan some attention. Set in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Sugar... said...

Ugg, I left a comment, but then it didn't go through!

1. Moulin Rouge!

2. Stormbreaker, although I haven't seen it yet.

3. Miss Potter

4 ?

Katrina said...

Oh, Anne, I love Ewan too! And I am going to rock this today... you ready?

1. Moulin Rouge (His voice melted my heart into a puddle)

2. Emma (One of my all-time favorite movies)

3. Miss Potter (haven't seen it)

4. Trainspotting (haven't seen it either, but I didn't have to look this up! I'll be Utah next month if you want to buy me a milkshake.)

Carrie said...

I think I know these: #1 Moulin Rouge #2 Emma #3Miss Potter #4 Trainspotting.

danielle said...

OOH I know all these because I love Ewan too! I think this might be the first trivial tuesday that I have aced.
1.My favorite too! Moulin Rouge.
3.Mrs. Potter. which was pretty cute
4. I've actually have seen this movie. Don't think I am a bad person. It's actually quite educational (I mean...if you want to learn about things like drugs). It's called Trainspotting.

I also loved Down with Love (in which he sings a bunch), and Big Fish (one of my favorite movies ever!). Oh and he did a PBS special on Polar Bears which I loved because he is so cute in his little furry coat, and he sings on of my favorite songs by the Proclaimers (which I am sure you alone can appreciate) by the campfire. Ok I'm done.

Alicia said...

#1 Moulin Rouge
#2 Emma--this is my favorite Ewan movie, although his attractiveness is not showcased...
#3 Miss Potter--I've been wanting to see this so bad! It is Ewan's and Renee's second movie together.
#4 Trainspotting? I'm not going to lie-I did have to IMDB this one!

The Innkeeper said...

1. Moulin Rouge - didn't we watch that together at some point? I loved that movie at the time.

2. Down with Love - sorry to say that I saw it. Don't watch it if you haven't.

3. I did see Miss Potter and I liked it. I'm sure I cried more than once in that movie.

4. Trainspotting, I cheated with that one. No milkshake for me!

Katie said...

Basically Ewan in my number one actor crush. I just adore him.
1. Moulin Rouge remains one of my top 5 favorite moviies of all time!

2. Emma, Mr Frank Churchill, he may have been a bit of a creep, but I still adored him in it.

3. Miss Potter. You must rent this movie. I adored it. So sweet and sad, even Landon tolerated it.

4. I don't know this one. But I would love to learn about a great new Ewan movie.

Traci said...

1. I agree, I can't listen to this soundtrack and not get goosepimples - Moulon Rouge
2. Emma - but why don't I remember where he sings......oh ha ha I just rememebered, at the party huh?
3. Mrs. Potter - LOVE IT! Guess what? Mark and I are going to try and visit "The Lake District" where Beatrix Potter is from when we visit in Dec. We are also going to buy our Emma the complete collection of her books while we are there. We are so excited!
4. No milkshake for me! But we are going to Edinburgh in December too.
(does all this sound braggy? sorry, I don't mean it to be. I am just SO excited!!)

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

I love Ewan! Love his movies too! Although I'm obviously not really caught up on all the good ones...
#1-Moulin Rouge (LOVE his voice, amazing!)
#2-Emma, probably in my top 10 all time favorite movies.
#3-Was The Island in 2006? If not, still really good, both of his characters are great!
#4-NO Idea, but I bet it was good!