Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Some hints for you, my dears

OK, between all of you, you've gotten most of them! Some of these are just soooo hard, though! (Yes, Kate, they are different than the game we played at the shower!) I'll give you some hints on the ones that no one has gotten.

#4 is a singer. When I was 18 (1999) he was SUPER popular. And he's from the same country as Jennifer Lopez...
#5 is also a musician. I would have NEVER guessed him. He's way before my time, but still very famous. Taylor says a good hint is that he's a left-handed guitarist.
#6 is a popular actress. I didn't love her much until I saw one of my favorite movies in which she sings with a man I had a crush on for a looooong time.
You guys have gotten the rest!

Good luck!


The Lindsey Ladies said...

Ok, for some reason this is really hard to me. But from your clues,(and others comments) here are some guesses.
#1- Halle Berry
#2- Jennifer Gardner
#3- Meg Ryan
#4- Ricky Martin
#5- Jimi Hendrix
#6- Nicold Kidman
#7- Janet Jackson (she hasnt changed at all!)
#8- No idea! Im with everyone else on what gender it is???

kate said...

ok # 6 Nicole Kidman...I was there for the crush on Ewin (sp?)!!

kate said...
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Katrina said...

#4 is definitely Ricky Martin! I so see it now.

danielle said...

um my brain isn't working too well these days and plus I am too lazy to think this hard. But I wanted to say hi and that I love you. Keep on TT'en.

Vicky said...

I know I'm late tagging onto this, but here's my input:
I'm just going to have to agree with most of the other answers. I'm not sure about #3, and I think that #8 has to be Usher. I'm not sure about #2, actually. I'm curious to find out the answer to that one.

EMILY said...

Here I go...

1 - Halle Berry
2 - Jennifer Garner
3 - ?
4 - Ricky Martin
5 - Jimi Hendrix
6 - Nicole Kidman
7 - Janet Jackson
8 - Usher

lori said...

mmm. Too late to guess the baby faces (it's too easy just to cheat on everyone else's answers! :), but I have to say: loved the Halloween post! Thanks for letting us crash the party and for blogging pictures of my super reader when I wasn't around to do it myself! Lucy had so much fun hangin' with handsome little cowboy Blaine!
And you saved my Halloween with those homemade oreos!!

Also: You know your cute neighbor Amy McDonald? I just discovered that she's great friends with my/Wes's cousins from St. George. I just found her blog (you've probably seen it) through theirs - and when I saw pictures of you and Blaine entited something about "my cute hall advisor" I just laughed and laughed! Oh, the blogging world!

Jill said...

Ok, maybe #4 is ricky martin and I think #7 is janet jackson. And the guitar guy? Could it be Jimi Hendrix?