Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For Beth

Well, I haven't done a Triv Tues in about a bajillion, so I think we're long overdue. And today's is for my absolutely longest friend (like since preschool days), Beth. It's her 27th birthday, so don't you think she deserves a TT in her honor? I do, too.

Beth and I spent every waking minute together during our childhood. Besides swimming, riding bikes and golf carts, making crafts with her mom (yahoo for femo beads and splatter-painted t-shirts!), drinking squeeze-its, and playing board games (Hotels, right Beth?!) together, we had a serious affinity for acting out our favorite TV shows and movies in front of our own video camera. Quite the up and coming actresses, let me tell you. See if you can name these...

1. Our favorite movie for years was a sequel. It starred a blond Michelle Pfeiffer, so I always insisted that I get to play her character, Stephanie Zinone. Best song? "Cool Rider." Or maybe the one about bowling. I always wanted to dance my way across bowling lanes after that. What's the movie?

2. The leading actor in that first movie is a little known guy named Maxwell Caulfield. He also appears in a 1995 movie that I happen to love. It also stars Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger, Anthony LaPaglia, and Ethan Embry. What can I say except that Lucas in his black mock turtle dancing to Video Killed the Radio star absolutely cracks me up? Can you name the movie?

3. Beth and I recorded multiple episodes of one of our favorite TV shows. We would watch them repeatedly, memorize the lines, and act it out for our camera. For some reason, I convinced her again to let me be the lead girl. (Maybe because once when we were little I hit Beth and it knocked her tooth loose...I think maybe she was a little afraid of me after that????) Anyway, all I needed to play the lead character of this awesome early-'90s show was some big hats with flowers on them. Beth played my best friend whose name was a number. What's the show?

Good luck. I realize these clues may be a bit obscure. But thanks for indulging me in some youthful memories...I am dying laughing all the way through this post!

I love you, Beth! Happy Birthday!


liz said...

1. Way too easy -- Grease 2.
2. PhD level trivia -- or is it just me? I looked this up and have never heard of it. Is it worth seeing?
3. At the beginning of this question, I was sure you were going to go to "My So-called Life," but no, instead the much more innocent "Blossom." Good times.

Katie said...

This is an easy one.
1. Grease 2, Chrissy and I use to play A Girl For All Seasons!
2. Empire Records, great flick
3. Blossom, fun show

Alicia said...

1. Grease 2
2. Empire Records
3. Blossom (Can you say, "Whoa!"?)

Barb said...

1. Grease 2
2. Empire Records (LOVE this movie!)
3. Blossom (and her BFF, Six)

You and Beth have great taste!

Amy Jean said...

1. Grease 2 (never seen it-know this info from my brother believe it or not)
2. No idea
3. Blossom

Katrina said...

This was a fun one! I have missed Trivial Tuesday.

1. Grease 2. My favorite song is the Calendar Girls one they sing at the talent show. Classic.

2. I had to cheat. I had no idea on this one, but imdb tells me it's Empire Records. Never seen it.

3. I do believe you speak of Blossom. I used to watch Blossom and Fresh Prince... gotta love it.

Carrie said...

I think I know 1 and 3, but I don't know #2. #1 I think is Grease 2, and #3 one of my favorite shows, Blossom.

The Innkeeper said...

1. Grease 2
2. Empire Records
3. Blossom

The Lindsey Ladies said...

Oh I am so honored, a whole TT on our hilarious antics, you are the greatest! Remembering all of the silly, corn-breath, Cajun Christmas times might just be the best birthday present I got! Wish I had seen your post earlier, but it just made my day anyways! I'm excited to see you guys soon!

-by the way I am shocked at how many people have actually seen Grease 2!