Thursday, January 31, 2008

Domestic Week: Day Four

This one is going to make you giggle and say, "Anne, you think that makes you domestic?" But that's OK. It's super simple, but I think it's fun and worth sharing.

Here's how to procure matching, perfectly-sized canisters for some of your dried goods (i.e. beans, rice, lentils, etc.)

Step 1: Switch to Adam's Natural Peanut Butter. Now don't worry your little head. I used to think it was weird, hippy PB too, but since switching I have really gained a testimony of it. It tastes more like real peanuts, it's healthier (no added sugar, no preservatives, etc.), and it's 100% delicious. But most importantly for domestifying--it comes in GREAT jars.
Step 2: Eat lots of peanut butter (to empty out the jars, of course!). I like to eat it like this:

(Kinda boring, I know, but the babe in my womb keeps asking for it, so...) and Blaine likes to eat it like this:

Step 3: Clean out the jar and remove the label (it comes off easily after a nice long soak in hot water).

Step 4: Fill the jars with all your goods.

Now here's the thing. I had decided to paint the lids various colors with acrylic paint. But after painting my first lid turqouoise I decided to wash it off (gotta love acrylics!). It looked fine painted, but Taylor and I decided we preferred the vintagey and recycled look of the Adams lids. I may paint some lids next Christmas because I think these little canisters would be cute with some sparkly ornaments or other such festive baubles inside. We shall see. Also, my friend Danielle is a fellow Adams fan, and I have seen her use the jars as vases--very darling.

So yep, that's it. If you can eat PB and wash a jar, you can have fabulous canisters, too! Simple as that.


Taylor said...

Many of you are probably thinking--"but I hate how it's all oily when you open it!" Here's the solution: When you buy it, turn it upside down for a day, then flip it back the next, then flip it again, etc. until you're ready to use it. It will be lots easier to stir it all up.

Katrina said...

Very cute. I like it.

The Innkeeper said...

Wow - you guys like you're peanut butter!

kate said...

I too have a testimony of Adams! It's so much better, and so much better for you...but I've never kept my jars! BLAST! What was I thinking! I would have so many by now.... We're just finishing up a jar, so I'll start today. This is a great idea! and i think this is domestic. It makes your house a home, right? SO there.

This is how I stir mine to insure optimum consistency throughout. I just dump it all out into a big bowl and mix it with my hand mixer for a minute, then dump it back it. Voila!

Vicky said...

Very clever idea. I like the look of the jars. It's too bad Western Family PB won't have the same effect... I don't know that we'll ever get over our dependence on Western Family, so cute canisters may just have to wait until we do. I'll just admire yours for now.

wes said...

love it. super, super cute!

(and I love Blaine and his PB on a spatula =)


Tia said...

Not sure if I've posted here before, but I've been a lurker from EmilyAnne's blog.

Way to live on the edge and be the mom that eschews all recommendations to 1) not feed peanut butter to children under the age of 2 and 2) not each peanut butter while pregnant.

As a person with a masters degree in public health and a researcher to boot, I firmly believe that the increase in allergies is due to these recommendations. Babies and children exposed in utero and as small kids are more likely to develop the appropriate immunity at very young ages. I don't think avoidance is the answer at all.

That was a rant...sorry about that! I really wanted to say that you could cover your jar lids with cute little swatches of fabric tied with ribbon or raffia. Then it's changeable too. Your Blaine is just too cute. Love the video above!

jeanine said...

super cute!

Joan Koplin said...

WELL DONE! I LOVE them! I think I counted seven jars of PB?! You guys are gluttons for PB, I guess? Nobody beats Em though when it comes to loving peanut butter :)