Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Movie Picks and Non-Picks

Several of you nailed last week's questions. Congrats! In review:
Blossom's real name is Mayim Bialik. Yes, she once guest-starred on the good ol' sitcom, The Facts of Life.But most of us probably saw her first as the young C.C. Bloom in Beaches, a greatie if there ever was one. (A total bawler as well.)

This week we have some movie reviews. You'll have to chime in and agree or disagree with me.

1. Waitress. Hated it. I'm as a big a Keri Russell fan as the next girl (I totally watched and LOVED Felicity in college. She was my exact year in college, by the way.), so I was way excited to see the movie, but I have to say I was extremely disappointed. So was Taylor. We did love the quirky waitresses, and Andy Griffith was a true gem. But I just can't get behind a story about infidelity being marketed as a love story. There is nothing charming or cute about adultery. (I have lots of other reasons I was let down by Waitress if you feel the desire to debate.) Anyway, I give it two thumbs down. 2. 27 Dresses. LOVED IT. First of all, loved my experience. Ever since I saw the first trailer for it weeks ago, I have been dying for it to come out. Then, on Friday afternoon, Taylor announced that I needed to find a babysitter for that evening. Then he sneakily bought some tix on fandango, but I didn't know what we were seeing until we walked into the theater. I hoped to high heaven it was 27 Dresses, but I didn't know. When I caught a peek at the ticket stub and expressed my excitement to Taylor, he responded: "And on opening night. Who's your daddy?" Giggling at his ability to keep a straight face while using that expression, I bounced into my seat and settled in for my much anticipated chick flick. It did not disappoint. I loved Katherine Heigl. In case you haven't seen the trailers, she plays Jane, who's been a bridesmaid 27 times, and now has to be one for her sister, Tess. The catch--Tess is marrying George, who happens to be Jane's boss and love interest. Enter Kevin, the journalist who Jane loathes at first, but then grows on her... Throw in hilarious Judy Greer as best friend, Casey, plus a fab scene involving "Bennie and the Jets," and you've got one great romantic comedy. Not particularly deep, not earth-shattering, but one of those much-needed, darling, fun, feel-good films. And p.s. James Marsden was positively dreamy. In the X-Men movies I thought he (as Cyclops) was so dorky, but in this movie he's totally sporting that casual, "I don't care," (and yet I'm really hot) look--think Jim from The Office.

Anyway, that was all sorts of fun. Highly recommend it. Oh, and

Dear mom, next Christmas I want the DVD because this is the sort of movie I just love to watch while folding mountains of laundry.

Love, Anne


Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

I can't postively comment on either movie, but I can say that my sister and I, since seeing the preview for 27 dresses a few weeks ago, have been DYING to go see it. If there were 8 days in a week we would have so totally gone already. What a great husband suprise! I'm glad you give it a thumbs up, and even if you hadn't have, I would have still gone, because James Marsden is my new movie star crush (Eric supports me in that--so I have no shame saying it).

danielle said...


Um dear Anne, one of my favorite things about you is the way you can watch one single movie you love, over and over again. It cracks me up.

I haven't seen either movie (where have I been!) but MAYBE I can get my husband to take me to see the 27 dresses one. I would watch Waitress just to look at Keri Russell's hair.

Tuesday on.

The Innkeeper said...

I, too, hated Waitress. There were some scenes that I enjoyed, but overall a huge disappointment.

And we got to see 27 Dresses on opening night, too. Jason wanted to take me to a movie that he thought I would want to see! I'm a sucker for romantic comedies! My favorite scene was the Bennie and the Jets - but the best part were the extras in the background. Jason and I were laughing so hard!

lori said...

thanks for the recs!

Sugar... said...

Ha ha, like Danielle, I just have to laugh at this because I TOTALLY had this image of you and Kate glued to the T.V. watching "You've Got Mail", or any other Meg Ryan romance for that matter, and if she lived here, you'd probably have a "27 Dresses" night too. Am I right?

I did see that preview and thought it tooked like a must see. I'm starting to get more into chick flicks and I'm totally surprising myself with that, so I guess we'll have to see it!

Matthew said...

I (Holly- not Matt, although if he saw it he would agree) also hated The Waitress...not only is there adultery...but nothing seems to really resolve itself. What a waste of $$$!

kate said...

Waitress was disappointing...I love Keri Russell...but the whole plot left me feeling icky!

I do want to see 27 Dresses even though I'm not really a Katherine Heigl fan. I don't know the next time I'll get to go to the theater, so I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on video.

Sorry I never comment on T.T's, I just almost never know any of the answers!

Carterfam said...

Whoa now! I agree that the character Cyclops in X-men was turned into a dork, just for contrast purposes for Hollywood's desire to exploit Wolverine's character. However, that fact only goes to show how much more amazing James is since it is totally out of his element to be dorky...Hence, that's some good acting!! :)