Monday, January 14, 2008

Where can I find me one of those flower hats?

If you can remember back to the last TT (a whole month ago!), here are your answers (which many of you got).

1. The ever fabulous Grease 2
2. The quirky Empire Records3. And the amazing Blossom (Come ON! How much do you love those hats?!)
Speaking of Blossom, (1) do you know the title character's real name? And (2) can you name the 1988 movie we first saw her sing and dance in? (Hint: this movie is a real cry-er!) And just told me that her first-ever TV performance was guest-starring on one of the greatest 1980s sitcoms ever. (3) Can you name that sitcom? (Hint: Think Blair, Jo, Natalie, and Tootie.)


danielle said...

Oh I totally did get it cut in Provo, but I had to totally disobey traffic laws to make it down in time after work, and then I had to go home right after cause it was late-ish, and do some stuff here. I totally kept thinking about calling you though. Let's play when we have some time. PS. My new house is like 20 minutes from Provo!

Anna said...

Wow I think I may actually be able to get this one! OK:
1) Mayim Bialik
2) Beaches
3) The Facts of Life
How'd I do?

liz said...

You mean it's not "Blossom"? Beaches. The Facts of Life.

liz said...

Did you mean the character's real name or the actress' name? That I know -- Mayim Bialik. Did you know that as an adult she went into academia? I can't remember what field, but a real brainy, apparently. OK, way to much E!

LCM said...

1) Mayim Bialik
2) Beaches
3) the Facts of Life!

Emily said...

Numbers one and two totally stumped me. But number 3? Facts of Life, right? I know the theme song.

Carterfam said...

No clue, no clue, and family ties??


Joan Koplin said...

You make me laugh, Anne! "Come on! How much do you love those hats!?" hahah! SIIICKK! They are SO wrong :)
I would be a full fledged liar if I said I didn't have a hat just like it with a ginormous sunflower on it, though (well, I don't have it anymore but did in what...7th grade?)