Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well. For starters. You'll need to watch THIS.
Is that amaaaazing or what? Did you watch Kids Incorporated? You better believe I did. Taylor and I had a serious hay-day reading up on the show. And just like The Mickey Mouse Club produced such stars as Britney, Justin, and Christina, Kids Incorporated was the jumping- off point for some other stars...

1. On that link you just watched, the credits introduced one Stacy Ferguson. Do you know who that is?!
2. Another woman who spent some time on the show later found herself of Party of 5 and she was the chosen poster girl for tons of boys back when I was a freshman in college. Who is she?
3. Now this guy wasn't one of the main kids, but was a dancer on the show. He was later on one of the greatest shows of all time (I can't tell you the name of it because that would be too easy). He has also portrayed diver Greg Louganis in a made-for-TV-movie, has been on The Other Half (the men's version of The View) for the 5 minutes that it lasted, and has recently taken to hosting things like Miss USA pageants. Who is he?
4. If you get this one you are seriously good. This Kids Incorporated star sang the theme song when she was on it. She later had a #1 hit in 1988. ("Step by Step, heart to heart, left right left, we all fall down...") Can you name the song? Can you name the singer?

Hope you enjoy! Taylor and I are dying laughing...


LCM said...

1) Fergie Ferg!
2) Jennifer Love Hewitt, I think Bailey showed up on one of her episodes.
3) Was it Mario Lopez and are you referring to Saved By the Bell?
4)Martika and Toy Soldier?
And are you now secretly judging me if it took me about 5 seconds and I got them all right? I didn't look any of them up, so..

Kate said...

#3. Mario Lopez

and I am so lame. being the first kid and all I never got to watch anything on tv so I never know anything on T.T! Sorry about my lack of comments in this arena, I'm just clueless. (not to mention I have a really bad memory, but you already knew that!)

Can't believe that boy #2 is due in 19 days! Where did your pregnancy go??? I'm sure it didn't go fast for you but it did for me! Can't wait to see him!!!!

Joan Koplin said...

The link you provided gives away some of the answers...hehe
1. Fergie (Black Eyed Peas)
2.Jennifer Love Hewitt
3.AC Slater
4. Martika
She is awesome!
I am glad I can start the day knowing that "I am seriously good!" haha
Thanks, Anne...I had fun :)

Traci said...

Ha Ha! I LOVED K.I. Although we didn't have Cable until I was in High School so everytime I would go over to my friends house we would watch it. To this day I still sing the theme song with my sisters every once in a while for a good laugh! *Side story - Do you remember the song "My name is Luka"? TOTAL CLASSIC! Anyway, my sisters and I use to sing that song all the time and we would end up singing the last verse .....Just don't ask me what it was....what it was....what it was.... what it was.........IT'S KIDS INCORPORATED K.I.D.S. etc. Don't know how we combined those two songs but I can't hear one and not think of the other.
Ok now to the ?'s
1. I don't really know this one but by her name I am guessing Fergie. I don't even really know anything about her but that she sings, I am really out of the "whats hot" loop these days.
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt (not a fan but she seems nice)
3.HELLO, AC SLATER anyone??? Although I was always more of a Zach fan. Don't even get me started on Saved by the Bell. Mario Lopez!
4. It was so funny listening to that clip and putting these two together. It is Totally Martika! And I LOVED Toy Soldier. The best song to "slow skate" to at Roller Odyssey!
Thanks for briging back some great memories, Anne! :)

Alicia said...

OK, so Brad often hears me sing the theme song to this show. I absolutely remember running home from school with my neighbor to go watch this show. And I didn't even have to look up the first three! Here they are:
1. Stacy Ferguson is Fergy, although I didn't ever make the connection that she was Stacy on that show.
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was credited as Jennifer Hewitt but went by Love in the show.
3. Mario Lopez. I didn't realize he was a dancer on this, but I do remember his stint on The Other Half.
4. Martika. I did have to look this up. The song is Toy Soldiers and I do actually remember it. Pretty good considering in 1988 I was only 5!

liz said...

Wow. I could totally sing that theme song word for word. We must have watched that show together.
1. I had to cheat and Google her -- I'm not up on the current music enough to have figured out that she became Fergie!
2. Would have to be Jennifer Love Hewitt.
3. Mario Lopez.
4. This definitely shows my age -- Martika. When her hit song "Toy Soldier" came out, I remember thinking, that's the Kids Incorporated girl!

Barb said...

1. Fergie (formerly of Black Eyed Peas)
2.Jennifer Love Hewitt
3. Mario Lopez
4. ?? no idea

I didn't cheat at all, I am just that nerdy! I LOVED this show!

Vicky said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I laughed so hard when I saw that! I totally watched Kids, Inc. when I was younger--and LOVED it! I can't answer all your questions (well, I could if I Googled), but here's what I know:

1. Stacy Ferguson sounds familiar, but I don't know why.
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Another Party of 5 guy was also on Kids, Inc. Scott something... He was the snack-bar tender or something.)
3. Mario Lopez
4. I totally know the song, but I can't think of the name and I don't know who sang it.

So I'm not so good with all the trivia, but thanks for the fun memories!

jeanine said...

I totally watched Kids Incorporated! These are all guesses so hopefully I get some right!

1. don't know
2. jennifer love hewitt
3. a.c. slater of saved by the bell (his name is mario something?)
4. song sounds familiar but I can't think rightnow.

Sarah said...

1. Fergilicous Fergie
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt
3. Mario "I cheated on my wife on our honeymmoon" Lopez
4. Martika

This is Sarah and Christina here.

p.s. this might have been more difficult if the answers weren't posted with the song clip!

danielle said...

So this is how much of a loser I am...I actually know some of this stuff...not because I watched the show when I was little( I think it was on before I was aware of TV really) but because I saw something about Fergie (answer to #1) on TV a few months ago and couldn't believe she had been on that show, so I totally googled it...I guess my time wasting internet habits have come in handy after all. Anyway, #is Jennifer Love Hewett, #3 is none other than Mario Lopez who I think is absolutely gross, and I am not sure about #4?

Melanie said...

This is great! It seriously brought back memories from so far back in my brain.
1. No way, it's FERGIE
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt
3. Mario Lopez
4. Martika, Toy Soldiers

Carterfam said...

#1-Fergy from Black eyed peas
#2-Jennifer love Hewitt
#3-AC Slater...I mean Mario Lopez (but really, he'll always be AC...always jealous of Jesse)
#4-Got me there, the old man's speechless (name that movie)