Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trivial ramblings of a very pregnant Anne...

Well you all rocked that last Trivial Tuesday. I think that may have been the most fun T.T. ever. And were you not dying about the '80s? The purple lamee (sp?!) outfits, the hot pink sequined headbands (I wore that exact headband in a jazz dance when I was 8 years old), the amazing graphics in which the kids morph into the block letters K, I, D, and S...it's all so classic. Love it.

Today's T.T. is probably a bit of a bore compared to last week's. Let's be honest though. I'm large with child and feel like this babe might fall out at any moment (mmm...you know that's a good feeling). So I'm not feeling up for a whole lot. I think I'm mostly going to ramble.

Here's what I have to say:

1. Dreamgirls is an amazing movie. Do you agree? Is Jennifer Hudson a rockstar or what?!

2. The Bicycle Thief is thought-provoking and depressing as can be. Movies like that are good for me. I take sooooooo much for granted. You should watch it. It's such a classic and important in movie history. But don't watch Beijing Bicycle (a Chinese take-off on The Bicycle Thief). It is practically the same depressing story, but way violent. Didn't like that.

3. I'm super into Pride and Prejudice as of late--the good ol' 6 hour version. I've caught bits on PBS the last couple of Sundays and finally borrowed the DVDs from my friend, Rachel, so I can see the whole thing. How can you not love Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy?

4. Did you watch the Oscars? I love to watch every year. I love to see the fabulous dresses and jewels and imagine myself on the red carpet (no lie). Unfortunately I don't watch a lot of movies that are violent (I am a total wussy) or that are super edgy, which means that The Oscars aren't as fun to watch anymore because I haven't seen most of the nominated films. The Coen brothers rocked it last night. Good for them. I think they are geniuses (evidence: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) And I really want to see La Vie en Rose now. And Cate Blanchett looked darling with her pregnant belly dressed up so glam. And Helen Mirren is a vision. And I want Cameron Diaz's arms. And Jack Nicholson is a hoot. And I think Ellen is a better host than Jon Stewart. And I loved the montage in which they showed all 79 Best Pictures. I love it all. Can't help myself. What did you think?


EMILY said...

Love Dreamgirls. Love P&P. Love the Oscars. Loved Helen's dress. And, would love to see you out on the red carpet! I am sure you would steal the show!

Joan Koplin said...

I did not watch the Oscars. I have no cable TV in my home. haha...it is better that way though. I tend to fall into the boob tube trap all too often.
Thank you for the update. The red carpet is a glamorous place, indeed.
I am looking more forward to the baby update though...can't wait!

Sugar... said...

I love Pride and Prejudice! Haven't seen the Colin Firth version yet, but I'm sure it's a must.
As for the Oscars, I didn't get to watch them! We don't have cable, so I usually go to Yahoo News and check out the picture gallery afterwards. It is so fun to see who the pics are for "best and worst dressed". Oh, and for a second there I thought you said Jack Nicholson is hot, instead of a hoot. Had to go back and re-read that one for sure; thought maybe that baby was getting a little too heavy and making you lightheaded!

danielle said...

I didn't even know the oscars was on. Where have I been? without a TV that's where I guess. Are you in labor yet? And can I come watch P&P with you. Love it! I rented it on Netflix once and watched the whole thing in one day. Seriously I have no life.

I hope your baby doesn't fall out (I mena till its time)

danielle said...

Oscars was? how bout were.

LCM said...

I'm bona fide! ( Little shout out to Oh Brother) We got to watch the Oscars on the Tivo delay and loved that! I enjoyed the montage of the movies. I also like to see who has passed during the year. Someone online mentioned they forgot Brad Renfro, who I totally enjoyed in The Client. I guess he wasn't as cool as Heath Ledger.
Have you seen Life is Beautiful? That is one of those shows that I watched after seeing Roberto win his Oscar.

rhall said...

I have loved the 6 hour version of P&P for a long time but the PBS series got me watching it again. And 4 yr old Sophie is hooked. She likes to watch the wedding over and over. And she didn't like Mr Darcy at first - I had to try to explain how he changed and Miss Bennett changed her mind about him! Pretty funny.

Katrina said...

A couple Saturdays ago I watched the entire BBC P&P and then watched the Keira Knightly one right after! Wonderful day.

I also love watching the oscars. Didn't you love that they let the girl who won best song come back out and say her thank yous?!