Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nursing Mother's Movie Picks

Heaven knows nursing a babe provides ample time for movie viewing. I especially love to watch movies in the middle of the night because otherwise I am groggy and grumpy about being awake. But when I have a good DVD waiting for me I don't mind getting up so much. So I don't have time to give you synopses or anything, but here are some movies you need to watch:
*Again, Pride and Prejudice (A&E version). I've now watched it twice in the last month. That's 10 hours of Mr. Darcy and I love it! (Here's what's hilarious: my 4 and 5 year-old nieces are obsessed with P&P! They run around talking about "Mr. Dahhhcy" and begging Nana to show them the wedding scene again!)

*Sense & Sensibility (Ang Lee version). SOOOO good. I've watched it twice as well. Here's what's a fun bonus: half the cast of Harry Potter 5 is in it! (Quiz: Do you know who I'm referring to?!)
*Becoming Jane (Are you seeing a pattern? I'm seriously Jane Austen-crazed right now.) Anne Hathaway is wonderful and I have a new crush--James McAvoy. *Martian Child. Darling movie, great development in the characters and relationships. And since we Croppers adore the Cusacks it is an absolute winner because John and Joan are BOTH in it.

*The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982 version). This is so fabulous, so hilarious, so charming. LOVE LOVE LOVED it. You must put it on your queue!


Sarah said...

If you're just looking for a good laugh you should rent Persuasion. It's not the new one. I think it's an old PBS or BBC, but it's absolutely hilarious!

Alicia said...

Oooh--a quiz! I might know this movie a little bit :). Emma Thompson (Elinor and Trelawny); Alan Rickman (Colonel Brandon and Snape); Imelda Staunton (Mrs. Palmer and Umbridge); Robert something (John Middleton and Fudge). Did I get them all? We talked about this the other day, so I feel like I kind of cheated. Plus, my daughter's name is Elinor so I obviously know the movie!

liz said...

I'm so hooked on the Jane Austen series on PBS right now (Sunday nights). The new S & S was on last week, but it's long so the ending won't be on until this week -- I can hardly stand it. I need to watch the Ang Lee one again for comparison. And I haven't seen Becoming Jane yet, but I thought The Jane Austen Book Club was right up there with the book "Austenland" -- kind of disappointing. How fun that Austen is so "in" right now -- lots of new stuff, lots of people talking about her. Great.

danielle said...

Ooh I was going to say the same thing as Liz...I watched sense ans sensibility on Sunday night too, and was so disappointed that they only showed the first half.

Maybe I need to get a TV upstairs to watch movies on at night when I am nursing...hmmm something to think about.

Joan Koplin said...

BRILLIANT, Anne. Simply brilliant! Hello, movie watching during the late night feedings is genius! Sheer genius! Okay, I keep repeating myself. haha.
Oh, can I tell you I have been obsessing over your pink vintage flower earrings? I have been obsessing over your pink vintage flower earrings.
I can't find them anywhere! They are all out of them on the darlybird website. UGH!
I found some at Forever 21 but only in black and white!?! Oh well...the search continues :)

lori said...

Was this your first time with The Scarlet Pimpernel? An absolute favorite of mine. I knew we were kindred spirits =)

And yes, yes, I'm dying for the ending of the new S & S. I have always loved the Emma Thompson version - but was VERY impressed with this new one.

LOVE the Harry Potter cross over!
Love that you're putting your nursing time to good use!

I hope, however, that you night time movie watching hours grow ever shorter!!

Emily said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear that you liked Martian Child; it's one that I've been wanting to see.
And yes. All things Jane are fabulous! I just watched Sense and Sensibility (with a dozen wiggly young women at my house) last week -- it was splendid! Does little Rog enjoy the features, too?

So glad this Tuesday was trivial -- I've missed them so!

Sugar... said...

I have not seen the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice yet, but now I just have to because I'm a huge fan of P&P, plus I was sooo upset at the way the Keira Knightly version ended! No Wedding?? Are you serious?? Now I have to see this. Thanks Anne! I haven't seen ANY of the movies you listed, so this is great because now I get to fill my que with some choice flicks! You're so fun!

Jill said...

I snuggled in bed with my daughters 2 weeks ago after preschool and we watched some of pride and prejudice. It was so fun! Love the flick recommendations!

EMILY said...

Love, love, love these movies! Especially P&P! Hope all is well with baby Rog... can't wait to see you!

Kate said...

Good flicks! Mark and I watched Martian Child the other night (because you said it was so good, and it was at the Redbox) and we really loved it! Of course Mark and I are suckers for anything that has to do with adoption! (I really want Tarzan because he gets adopted by the apes and it's just so sweet!)

Glad you and Roger are finding fun things to do at night!!