Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All About Blaine

My little Blainey is two! He is definitely acting two (whining, being contrary, forgetting to ask nicely, claiming everything as his) a lot of the time, but he is still clever and charming as can be. I am absolutely blown away by his language acquisition. Not that he's a prodigy or something, just that I never realized what a two-year-old could learn and do. His vocabulary is definitely his most advanced ability. Motor skills are a little slower. Eating with a spoon=tricky. (He says, "It's tinda tritty.") But he remains strong-willed and independent (of course) so he won't let me help much and manually places bits of food onto his spoon since he can't quite do the scoop.

He's obsessed with Buzz Lightyear and so he's constantly shouting "and beyond!" He loves to talk on his Buzz cell phone. Once in the car he flipped it open and said, "Hey Buzz. I just in car. See ya." He also loves to call our friends CJ and Viana on it. "Hey Ana. I doin' great."

He love love loves to be outside. My favorite thing is that he calls pine cones (and everything else prickly) port-u-pines. I don't really get that, because he knows that porcupines are animals, but it's so cute that I can't bear to correct him. He also loves dan-dee-yi-ons and thinks that all yellow flowers are, in fact, dandelions. Again, don't have the heart to tell him otherwise.

He's smart and has an agenda. When I say, "It's time to take a nap," he says, "How 'bout play toys?" When I say, "Let's have eggs for breakfast," he says, "How 'bout have m's (m&ms) for beffast?"
In all his sassiness, he has to be the boss of what is spoken. Here is what I mean.
Blaine: Bue house!
Taylor: Yes, we're at our blue house.
Blaine: I'll say bue house!

He loves Baby Rog. I love how he brings Rog toys to play with: "Look this car Baby Rog!" I love how he loves to lie down on Rog's blanket with him. And I love how he holds Rog's hand when he cries.

I think you are handsome and sweet and fun and darling my boy. Happy Birthday! I love you!


The Innkeeper said...

Happy Birthday Blaine! I can't believe you're 2! And you sound like such a great big brother!

Em said...

Happy Birthday, Blaine.

I love listening to little minds express themselves -- so cute and clever, really.

Cute Family. Good Life. Love to all of you!

danielle said...

Wow 2 years old! I love all these little pieces of Blaine. So cute. And PS. Maryanne (sp?) looks like she is getting younger and younger.

Brooke said...

Anne, I'm coming out of hiding :) I love your blog and I think of us as star crossed friends. Just as the stars were about to align and we would have moved to Wyview... we didn't. But if we would have- I tell you what, we would have been pals. I am sentimental about my boys growing up lately as this is birthday month for us, too. Blaine is exactly in between mine. This weekend Linc turns 3 and Tad 1. I love that he is into Buzz. Linc's 2nd Bday was his toy story birthday and it totally got us through our move. He got the dolls as a car ride surprise. (If you look in our blog archive from last Aug. there's a post about how they were his only friends for a while there. Sad, but so cute at the same time.) Does Blaine ever talk to his wrist like Buzz does? Linc would do that as well as make the laser sound effects if the other boys were getting too rough (having boys as friends took some getting used to as he came from having Lucy and Viana as his best friends, too). Good luck with the move! I know how hard it is to leave that community on all the myriad of levels!

lori said...

Oh, Blaine, you are one of my favorite children of all time. And one of Lucy's favorite friends ("Who will come to your b-day party, Lucy"? "Um, Blaine will come." sigh.) Loved hearing these details and seeing these pictures as we've been missing you!

Alicia said...

Blaine is such an adorable little boy! I love him! I miss you guys already!

Joan Koplin said...

That pic of him on Auntie B's back is so presh. Don't you love that Blaine's "Grandma" is like the hottest babe ever?!
Happy Birthday Blainey Boy!

amy said...

anne. i miss you! david cook is the worst. rock the skinny jeans girl. i'm sure you're skinny little legs look way better in them than mine ever did. love you. tell taylor and blaine and rog i said hi.