Friday, June 27, 2008

Where I got my inspiration

One benefit to moving back to my home town--getting to tour my old stomping grounds before they tear them down. (Remember how that always happens to me?!) Let's hear it for the Lone Pine Wildcats! My mom, Beth, and I went. Appropriate, seeing as how Beth and I entered Mrs. Humphry's Kindergarten class together in 1986 and proceeded to (we thought) rule the school for 7 years.

Most significant to me was walking through the original part of the building--built in 1926. That's where I had Mrs. Goodrich in 3rd grade. She is why I became Mrs. Cropper, the teacher.

Mrs. Goodrich's classroom. The George Washington is still there after all these years. She taught us scads about all the presidents, and we even memorized all of their names--in order.
The photograph and plaque inside the library named for her. She taught me in 3rd. She died of cancer when I was in 4th. For some reason I was asked to speak at the dedication of the library that year (I was 9!) A great experience and a privilege I didn't recognize at the time.
By the "Wildcats: Tracks to Success" mural. Clllllassic. Behind us: the hoop where Airball Hall earned her title. (Baby Rog=riveted.)
Craziest parts:

1. Seeing our 2nd grade teacher. She is still teaching and looks the same.
2. Walking inside the cafeteria. Smells exactly like it did in 1987. Horrifying.


The Lindsey Ladies said...

I drove by yesterday and they have started tearing it down, so sad :( And you're right, the cafeteria smell was just unreal, brought back so many memories!

Alicia said...

It's funny how going to your elementary school can bring back a flood of memories. Especially a smell--especially. I share your deep nostalgia for most things. Maybe it goes hand in hand with our freakishly good memory...

lori said...

How cool is that! My El. school is only an hour away but I haven't been back for Y E A R S!

Loved your memories!

liz said...

That outside picture looks so old and decrepit. It probably looked just like that when we went there but we didn't notice. I do remember visiting other schools in the district as a kid (you know for all of those cool spelling bees and what-not) and thinking how nice some of them were. Good old Lone Pine. Glad you represented the Halls.

brittani c. said...

It's amazing that smells can still linger around after 20 years. My elementary school had a complete facelift, so I doesn't hold the same memories. Good to hear that you're settled and doing well out there.

MLFong said...

"One benefit to moving back to my home town--" Anne Hall-now-Cropper... I did't know you were moving/have moved back here!! Call a girl! Pull out an old roster and call me - same number & everything - I want to see you!!!