Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthdays '08

Mine came in Utah, where Taylor surprised me with a dinner-at-the-park with our friends we had moved so far away from just one month before. (Of course I cried when I saw them.)

Tacos. Good. Raspberry chocolate cake. Good. Friends. Goooooood.

(Hey Eric and Ceej, we are glad you love it in Monroe.)

(Jared and Rach, we hope your east coast adventure is the dreamiest.)

(Lori and Wes, we can't wait to meet that babe (when he comes!)!

Taylor's came (as it does every year) on Bastille Day. (Long live the Republic!) He also shares his cumpleanos with my cousin, Matthew, who happened to be visiting. We had the rockin'est bday bash ever here at the blue house. (Hazelnut and chocolate cupcakes made by yers truly.
(Choco-faces: Blaine, Mary, Sophie)
(Grandpa Rog and Grampy Dean.)
(Gram and Aunt Judith discuss the heritage our families share (I LOVE CANADA!))

Blaine's came on May Day. But guess what else came that day? The big move. So we celebrated in August (like he cares).
Do you happen to know that Blaine is obsessed, no OBSESSED with trains? Behold, the cake:
(Contemplating possible wishes.)
(Cousins decide which train car they want to munch.)
(Baby Rog wishes for teeth.)

The end.


Christina said...

Your cupcakes look yummy and I love the train cake!

danielle said...

Seriously Anne! I am just so proud of all your domestic accomplishments. What a darling cake! and I still owe you a birthday gift;)

Emily said...

I want to come party with the Croppers! Happy Birthday to all of you!

If I were baby Rog I'd be wishing for teeth too -- all those confections look delicious!

Sugar... said...

You guys know how to paaaartaaaay! Can't believe how big baby Rog is! When did he all of a sudden grow? Shoot. And what did you make your choo-choo cake out of? For a second there it looked like rice krispie treats. I can't tell! Do share!

Mrs. Cropper said...

Well let it be known that Taylor made the train cake and Aunt Sally (Sara) helped decorate. I found the sweet old fashioned candy for the smoke at the good ol' Jackson County Fair! Anyway, Sugar--the cake mold is from Williams Sonoma and Taylor followed the recipe that came with. It's a pretty standard yellow cake.

lori said...

so fun! You guys know how to do a birthday right! Glad we could be there for one of the celebrations!

Hayley said...

That is the cutest train cake! Happy birthday to you guys!

EMILY said...

Happy Birthday to everyone! Those cupcakes look divine!

brittani c. said...

I'm salivating at the very sight of those cupcakes. And the train cake? That just blows my mind. Stop being so brilliantly talented, Anne (okay, so it was Taylor, but I still think you're brilliant).

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Hooray for friends, and F*R*I*E*N*D*S (was that not Eric's fav line to quote?? Don't tell his seminary students!) Hooray for bdays, hooray for your cupcake cookbook being put to good use, and hooray for that AMAZING train cake (Taylor's amazing. though I know you could have done it too!) And Hooray for you coming to Utah and coming to Monroe and staying at my house for a spell (don't say no, you can't pass up Heaven)

Kate said...

Cool cake! Love that all the kids got their own car! Looks like you guys have had fun birthday parties! It was fun to see you and your house and your cute boys...

And I had a blast at Prize! When I come at Thanksgiving we need to go together. What do ya say?