Monday, August 11, 2008

Lo and Behold

Would you believe? Mrs. Cropper is finally getting her booty out of maternity leave (which morphed into summer break) and promoting reading again! Read about Blaine's obsession HERE.


Laurie said...

I am so glad that you have returned!!!

Lacey said...

Well i saw your blog on megans and had to say hi! your family is soooo cute! 2 boys huh! so fun reading your blog! so you living in ashland??!! i don't know about that, although i guess you did marry and ashlander! j/k i secretly like ashland too!

lori said...

hi friend! I know you told me your new e-mail. But I didn't write it down with your address and I've forgotten it (typical me.)

Will you e-mail me so that I have it? And when you e-mail me, will you include your "delish salsa" recipe that I've also somehow misplaced and that I've used so many times that I ALMOST have it memorized but...not quite. And when you e-mail me will you confirm or deny the rumors we've been hearing about your possibly moving to UT for a month...????!

Will you do all of that?? No pressure. No hurry. =)

Kate said...

What? New email? Moving to UT for a month? Salsa recipe? Please share!

Glad to see your back at 'em on your book site! Love to see what you feature!

I'll see you soon.