Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day Silent Auction

Here we are, friends! I am so excited! Before you start scrolling through the items up for auction, I just want to say:

1. It has been really fun getting ready for this. I first starting reading Nie's blog about 18 months ago, during a time when I was trying to figure out the whole mom/stay-at-home-person/homemaker thing. She quickly became one of my favorite examples of what I want my life to look like. Instead of mourning the loss of my classroom, I got excited to make my home beautiful. Instead of missing doing fun things with my students, I got excited to do fun things with my own children. I'm really thankful for her (as well as many others') inspiration to start developing my "skills." Most of all Nie Nie is a great example of a mother who loves her husband and children. I have been amazed at the response in blogworld to her situation. It's neat to be a part of thousands of people fundraising, praying, reaching out.

2. I want to give a shout out to my mom, Rozanne, who generously donated all of these buttons. Not to mention the fact that she found the right kind of magnets for me and played with my child for hours so I could prepare for the auction. Another shout out goes to my mother-in-law, Mary Anne, who helped me learn how to make the banner, let me use her smooth as butter sewing machine, and also entertained my child so I could sew!

3. Everything is posted separately. (Each button shown is a magnet, btw, in case you are just now tuning in.) To bid, go to the comments section. Please bid in whole dollar amounts. I hope you will keep the Nielson family in mind and bid generously.

Have fun and thank you!

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