Monday, February 16, 2009

And then he kissed me.

We hadn't planned anything big for Valentine's Day. I thought maybe we could get dollar ice cream cones from Albertson's or some such fun. Instead, Taylor surprised me by arranging child care and whisking me off to downtown Ashland.

Dinner was at Tabu (think new world latin) where we shared the most rico ceviche and steak fajitas I've ever tasted. We reminisced about the ceviche tacos we'd had in Mexico when we were first married and dreamed about the house we've love to someday build.

We munched our Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory avalanche (have you tried it?! as we walked through the plaza and up to Bloomsbury Books. On our way back to the car I peered inside Prize-- the store I love so much that I want to live inside it.
Nights like that sustain us through days (like today) that are spent cleaning out vomity car seats.

And hey, I just remembered. Ten years ago he gave me my first valentine. Ten years. Holy cow.


The Lindsey Ladies said...

That sounds like a perfect Valentine's date. Is Prize open yet?

liz said...

You almost lost me until the part about the vomity car seats. Thanks for keeping it real. This wasn't one of our more romantic years, as we are still in "survival" mode. Instead, I spent Valentine's Day nagging my kids to clean up all the garbage they had strewn about the house (from their school valentines). I've got to figure out a way to work a little fun in before I actually become the wicked witch of the west. Can we go to that store when I come in April? Love you.

Kate said...

10 years ago! I totally remember that... and are we that old?

Joan said...

Oooooh. That kissing picture makes me oh so happy! :)
You look like a sassy vintage diva with your flower hair pin! L-O-V-E it placed perfectly in your long blonde locks!
Thanks for sharing all your super chic and cheap (phew!) V-day ideas. Such fun ones.