Monday, March 16, 2009


We had a pre-St. Pat's celebration this weekend. It was pretty much awesome. We found some sweet Celtic music on Pandora (raise your hand if you love Pandora!). I got out my nice napkins. Grandpa Dean brought me sunflowers for my green vase. I donned my kelly green (Whoa! Pretty sure the last time I described something as kelly green was 1994.) sweater and my black pencil jeans (nice and Euro).

We had the most scrum-diddly-umptious corned beef and cabbage meal I ever did taste. (Get your recipe right HERE!)

The experience was capped a little why later when I was driving down Talent Avenue. I saw a guy with long, fat dreds walking along in a kilt and knee socks. Perf. Gotta love Southern Oregon!


Speaking of Southern Oregon, I spent many a hot summer day in S.O. with Kate. We drove by the baseball fields to look at the cute boys, played Tina Arena (on casette) over and over in the T-top, swam for hours in my parents' pool, wove matching hemp necklaces, giggled incessantly over McDonalds Kiddie cones and a Blockbuster rental, and dreamed of marrying Mark and Taylor. (OK, so it was a different Mark and different Taylor that we ended up with. Ironic, huh?)
Today Kate is one year older. One year more blessed. One year more beautiful. Love you, girl.


Katie said...

I really love the way you write. I know you like books for children, have you ever thought about writing one?

I think you'd be really good at it! You could incorporate your love for creativity into it, still be a SAHM, and make some checks on your check list!

Just a thought! I hope you have a wonderful St. Paddy's Day- Top of Morning to You! (tomorrow!)

Kate said...

It's been a busy day but I wanted to say thanks for the little happy birthday wish!!! I have such sweet friends! It made me giggle. So weird that we married a Mark and a Taylor! Remember those awesome camp T's we made. "I heart gatsby" and what did mine say? Something about Mark "Mark forever" or some such silliness. I have the picture of us on the dock showing them off. Maybe I'll have to scan it into the computer and blog about it because it's funny and I know you'd enjoy it. And oh how I thought your t-top was sweet! Well it was! Don't forget about eating grapenuts and yogurt while watching the Olympics after our runs. Good thing I have you for a friend or my lame memory would forget all about the good old days! So thanks!

The Ramptons said...

I totally can't find good celtic music on pandora! What did you type in??? Marcus is on call today so we are going to have corned beef fest tomorrow. love ya. text me about pandora.