Thursday, March 19, 2009

A charming 'venture

Owing to the facts that we have enjoyed glorious weather this week and that I am trying to be more of an in-the-moment kind of mother, we have spent hours and hours outside this week. It has been heavenly. (Also stressful due to the fact that something goes haywire in my nervous system when my kitchen looks like ground zero. Which it has all week. I am working on this nervous system malfunction.)

So we have scooped sand, sunburned our cheeks, touched the clouds from the swings, climbed up slides, and eaten several a picnic. Best of all, we spent Tuesday afternoon at my parents' house. While the corned beef was cooking and Rog was napping, Blaine and I went on a 'venture. My parents' place is a child's paradise. We sat on the patio eating Lucky Charms (Blaine helped himself to a heaping bag, which I just laughed off (don't tell Taylor) seeing as how it was St. Patrick's Day after all). Then Blaine took me exploring. We crossed the bridge that goes over the creek, checked on the garden and blackberry bushes, hid in nature's forts, and peeked at Nana's daffodils.

Then Blaine said, "Oh ackshully, I 'pose we could take this other secret passengerway," and we did it all again, only in a different order.

And I even remembered my camera.


lori said...

That is precious. We miss our Blaine friend! (And our Anne friend!)

Laurie said...

He is getting so big!!!

Emily Anne said...

A lucky charming 'venture, indeed. Blaine is such a cute boy; Henry still talks about him from our Christmas trip.

Miss you guys.

Amanda said...

How fun!!!

So, yesterday I found out I won't even know anything about the house til after the 4th of April. They can't start processing my app until the current are out.

Then we have the problem of it being on the market. I hope that if they get a tenant in there they'll take it off the market. I wouldn't want to move in just to have to move right out.... so, hopefully this all works out because I REALLY want that house!