Thursday, April 2, 2009

Artists' Notes

#1. Yesterday afternoon while we waited for our pizza dough to rise, we painted.
Artists' mother: "Wow Blaine, that looks nice."
Artist: "Heavenny Father would say, 'Wow Bane, what are you painting?' And I would say to Heavenny Father, 'I’m painting a dinosaur.'"

#2. For Katie, and anyone else interested, here is a closeup of the egg. I put a glob of hot glue on the egg, stick both ends of the ribbon to it, and push a button on top. Make sense?

#3. Rog's art. Destroying all of his pants.
Time to become a bi-ped, buddy.

Happy weekend!


Christina said...

I can't believe how big Roger is - he is so cute! And I love Blaine's dinosaur.

Katie said...

Thank you so much!! I started on my eggs last night, so I can begin gluing today. Blaine is adorable!

Melissa said...

Aren't ripped jeans in style anyways. I love all the fun stuff you do (painting, decorating).

Emily Anne said...

Most of Henry's pants have holes in the knees and he's been a bi-ped for years. Hmmm? Are we going to get to see Blaine's master piece in its finished form? hope so!

love to all of you.