Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flash of Genius

Did you see it? You need to! It's excellent. It's a true story. It's inspiring. It has some of my FAVORITE actors in it.

1. Greg Kinnear. Do you know what Helen Hunt film I first loved him in?
2. Do you know in which movie he says, "A hot dog is singing! You need quiet when a hot dog is singing?!"
3. Oh, and he was darling as David Larabee in what remake? Who else starred??
4. Do you know who plays his wife in Flash of Genius and what TV show I love her in?
5. And does anyone else think it was poignant timing to release Flash of Genius, considering what is happening with American car makers right now?


Vicky said...

For once I know some of your trivia! Okay, so I don't know the first one. But #2 is You've Got Mail. #3 is Sabrina with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. #4 is Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls. #5 I hadn't thought about, but I suppose you have a good point. I'm glad you mentioned this movie because I wanted to see it when the previews came out but forgot about it.

Marlo said...

1. I can't rememeber the name of that movie, but it had Jack Nicholsen and was something about liking somebody.
2. I can hear him saying that, but I can't recall what movie...probably You've Got Mail. Love him in that one by the way.
3. Oh Sabrina.....I try to get my husband to watch this with me, but it doesn't usually work out. Julia Ormond, Harrison Ford. Fun times.
4. & 5. I haven't even heard of Flash of Genius. Oops.

Anne - these are always so fun.

Joni Gardine said...

I definitely know #2! You've Got Mail is my favorite movie of *all* time. Hands down! :) I'll have to check Flash of Genius out.

jeanine said...

I actually know the answers this time! We watched this not too long ago... good, but it drove me crazy that he let it tear his marriage apart.
1. As Good As It Gets
2. You've Got Mail
3. Sabrina... with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond
4. Lauren Graham from the oh so fabulous Gilmore Girls