Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Week of Blaine: Day 2

Here's something funny. When we were expecting our first son, we couldn't decide if he should be named Blaine (after his dad and great-grandfather) or Roger (after his grandfather). Something in me knew he should be called Blaine.

Have you seen him?

Have you seen his dad?

I am confident we made the right choice.

(note: best Saturday morning treat ever? An outing with Dad to Puck's Doughnuts. Puck's, by the way, is worth the trip to come visit me. I don't care how far away you live. Oh, plus Puck himself lives in our neighborhood, which is pretty much the coolest.)


Jacque said...

Okay random observation. Taylor is sipping his milk out of the side of his mouth. Does he always do this? My husband Shane is always making fun of me because I am a side sipper. Could there really be two of us in this world?!!

Taylor said...

I am total side sipper. Thanks for the support Jacque.
Is that little guy cute or what?

Kate said...

i just caught up your blog and i'm loving this week of blaine! taylor and blaine are cute together!

The Lindsey Ladies said...

You definetly made the right choice looking back now, Blaine is sooo Blaine, and Roger fits baby Rog for sure. And by the way, those Pucks donuts yesterday were some of the best I have ever had, yummm!