Thursday, April 30, 2009

Week of Blaine: Day 4

(Blaine with his "mitten" donut. (At Puck's, of course) Thanks, Megan, for pointing out that almost every single pic I've posted this week is of Blaine eating! Mr. Feed Your Family is his father, after all.)

Today is quote day. In other words, Blaine-isms. In other words, it's good to remember the cute things they say, especially when they say things like, "I won't make a good choice! I choose to fight!"

One evening when Taylor got home from work:

Anne: Blaine, tell your dad how you've been an angel all day.

Blaine: (flapping arms) And yook! I can flap my wings like an angel!

Changing Rog's diaper as he cries and squirms:

Anne: You used to do this when I tried to change your diaper, Blaine.

Blaine: And I was a baby? And I dint cop-erate?

A Saturday morning in December:

Taylor to Anne (with Blaine listening): I just talked to Tanner about going s-l-e-d-d-i-n-g.

Blaine: I want to go!!

Anne: Go where?

Blaine: Go q-r-s-t-u-v!!

One day in the car:

Blaine: Dad, I'm pretty much happy.

Every day (and we don't ever want him to learn to say it correctly):

Blaine: Ho-joo-me! (hold you me!)

Also every day:

Blaine: Mom, can we watch Fantasia, and can you preetect me from the T-Rex?

A family trip to the mall:

Blaine: Oh yook! We're at the mall with the star (Macy's)! Can we go on the elevator so it can tickle my tummy? Oh, yook over there--it's a spiderman store (Red Lobster) by Target. And yet's go on the eskimo (escalator)! (which we did, about 24 times.)

Every night lately:

Anne: Goodnight Blaine. I love you.

Blaine: I love you too, Mom. And we'll always be together, right Mom?

Anne: That's right!

Blaine: Now go, Mom!

(exit Anne)

Blaine: Have a good sleep Mom!!

Shucks, I love him.


rhall said...

These are definitely the comments to remember!

Katie said...

My favorite one is how you'll always be together forever! I love the way you write how he speaks- it's so cute!

danielle said...

Oh Blaine you are so stinkin cute! I love how he is eating sour cream straight from the container with a fork...a boy after my own heart. And I was just thinking this morning about Blaine (isn't his birthday today?) and how he used to call me "dan-oyo"...such a cutie!

Happy Birthday Blaine...wish we could celebrate with you.

Jill said...

Ok this post post gave me the chuckles I needed to deal with my own difficult 5 year old today.