Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bride Wars...and there's a prize!

So I'd been wanting to see Bride Wars because 1) I love me a good chick flick and 2) I love both Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. (Btw, did you know that my oldest friend, Beth, is like bff with Anne Hathaway after being one of the bridesmaids in the second Princess Diaries movie? Beth is like so cool and because I played pattycakes with her practially from birth I think that makes me like so cool, too.)

Here's what I love. My friend, Karen, showed up to a birthday party the other day with hot new bangs. "Whoa! Great bangs, Karen," I said. "Thanks!" She beamed. "I watched Bride Wars the other night and got so inspired by Kate Hudson's great bangs that I put the kids to bed, marched into the bathroom and cut them myself." I love her.

Overall impression of the movie--just what I expected. Not that great a movie. Cliche. Not much plot. But fun to watch.
So I've already discussed several a Tuesday how much I love Anne Hathaway. So we'll talk about Kate Hudson today.

1. Who are her parents? (Come on, people, this is a serious freebie.)
2. What movie did she earn an Oscar nod for?
3. What two films has she starred opposite Matthew McConaughey in?
4. What is your fave Kate Hudson film?
5. Her parents are in a movie together that is one of Taylor's favorites ever. He quotes from it all the time, which is pretty much hilarious. Think '80s. Think yachts. What is it?
6. My favorite Kate Hudsom film is Raising Helen. I think it is darrrrling. Which 2 actresses play her sisters? The one who dies is who? And she is on what TV show currently? And who plays her pregnant sister? (Who happens to be one of my favorite actresses ever.) And her love interest in Raising Helen is who? And in what movie does he play a hilarious indi-flute (I just made that term up) player?

Oh and also, Katie asked what the answer to last week's TT was. It was from Napoleon Dynamite. When Deb asks him if he wants a boondoggle keychain he answers, "I made like affinity of those at scout camp."

AND. There seems to be a lack of interest in TT lately. (What? You people have more important things to do than answer my lame trivia questions?) So today I'll send a prize to the first person to answer everything correctly. Of course I trust that you don't seek help from Brother Google. But hey, if you do, that's your business. Good luck getting along with your conscience. ;)

Best of luck!


Sweetest Of All said...

1. Goldie Hawn (Kurt Russell??)
3. Dang - the one where they are treasure hunting and the one where he is trying to make her fall in love with him in ten days or less.
4. the ten days one with Matthew
5. Overboard
6. The only thing I remember is that the tall actor from sex in the city was her love interest. I stink with names of celebrities - obviously. But at least I tried! :)

Elizabeth said...

Well, I wish I knew all the answers, since I am the first commenter!!!! But, I do not. I do love these actresses though, and my favorite movie with Kate Hudson is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I love lame chic flicks!

Traci said...

Oooohhhh a prize? I am in! ;)
1. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn
2. Was it for Almost Famous?
3. How to loose a guy in 10 days and Fools Gold - haven't seen it yet is it good?
4. Raising Helen is my fav too!
5. HA HA love that Taylor loves this movie, it do too! Overboard!!
6. Joan Cussack is the pregnant sister, and the one who dies is Felicity Huffman
She is in desperate housewives (although I have never seen that show)
Her love interest is John Corbett
and he is in My big fat greek wedding - loved him in that movie!
Did I win did I win?????

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Holy cow- I think I know all of these without "Brother Google."

1. Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell
2. Almost Famous (starring Patrick Fugit who went to my high school)
3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (awesome!) and Fool's Gold (not!)
4. I love her in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, with Raising Helen a close second.
5. Overboard
6. Joan Cusack (prego) and Felicity Huffman (dies) and John Corbett (Serendipity)

brittani c. said...

I want to play too!
1. Although Kurt Russell has been a father figure to Kate for most of her life, Bill Hudson is Kate's biological father with Goldie Hawn. I always thought her brother Oliver was hot.
2. Almost Famous
3.How to Lose a Guy (a fave of mine) and Fools Gold (ugh. what a waste of my time)
4. Can't get enough of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. It's a chick flick that my husband is willing to watch.
5. Overboard (I loved G.H.'s shoe closet)
6. Felicity Huffman dies (also in Desperate Housewives), and Joan Cusack is pregnant (I just LOVE the scene when she yells at Hayden Panettiere's character in the motel room with her boyfriend), and John Corbett plays her love interest (and plays a sweet but strange musician as Kate Beckinsale's fiance in Serendipity).