Monday, June 8, 2009

birthday love

My friend, Traci, and her children came over for a pizza party on Friday. She came bearing tall, red gladiolus. "These are for your birthday," she declared. "I thought they looked like you."

How did she know glads are my favorite flower?! (She didn't! Amazing!)

But any talk about my birthday week (this week?! Did I mention that?!) would be incomplete without some mentions.
Mention #1. My brother, Steven, celebrated his birthday yesterday. I could dedicate an entire blog (not a post, a whole blog) to his coolness. We could discuss how he is a jillion smart. How he is a professor. How he is earning a PhD in creative writing. Or we could talk about how creative he is. How he custom paints and upholsters old bentwood rockers and makes wind chimes out of vintage silverware. We could discuss his expertise in the garden or the kitchen. How he speaks fluent Korean. How his athletic, gazelle-like bod kicked all of our booties in the Pear Blossom 10 mile run. But you know one of my most favorite things about him? His sense of fun and humor. And here is the real kicker. He loved Tina Fey before she was cool.
Happy Birthday, big brother.

Mention #2. My sister, Kathryn, celebrates her birthday this Thursday. I'll mind my manners here on the world wide web and won't mention her particular age. Suffice it to say, she has five children and is, shall we say, middle-aged. But I don't see any mid-life crisis on the horizon, seeing as how she is hotter and skinnier than ever and workin' it. (See above link for evidence.) Happy Birthday, K!
Mention #3. TODAY is Emily's birthday. Emily is as good as family. We have been bff's since age 12, and she set me up with my husband. We did girls' camp and stake dances and EFY together (that was a lot of Mormon lingo all thrown into one sentence--all teenage activities for us squeaky clean Mormons). She took my wedding pictures, designed my wedding invitations, baby announcements, and this very blog for heaven's sake! She is a wonder. Talent and creativity and cheerfulness beyone belief. I love her. Happy Birthday, Em dear!


Emily said...

Thanks Anne! Happy Birthday to you too! I am glad we have so many memories together... I hope with have many more. Love you.

Katie said...

Those glads are bee-u-tee-ful! You sure do have an amazing family. What day is your actual birthday?