Monday, July 6, 2009

This 4th of July...

the Cropper fam staked out a great spot, as always, for the Ashalnd parade (which, thankfully, was much more family friendly this year. in other words, no naked roller bladers.).

Mary Anne and Aunt Joan dazzled everyone in their sun hats.

Dean was riveted.

Melis and Tan had way too much fun squirting the crowd with their dipsticks while parading on Chris's boat.

Anne with an E cried every five minutes. (No, I am not pregnant. But the 4th of July parade always makes me cry. When the jets fly by, when the veterans walk by, carrying the American flag, when Blaine victoriously catches candies...)

Blaine licked 2 lollies at a time.

Rog was a super trooper, as usual.
The Lamberts drove in from Utah straight to the Hall family cabin.
Mary and Sam floated around.

Jon smiled, as usual.

Liz and I lounged about.

I delivered on my promised cupcakes.
I lit them on fire. (I did not anticipate the ash problem. Oops. Gross. Sorry. Thankfully we had extras.)
Rog said, "Let them eat cake." (Wait, whose revolution were we celebrating?)

The end.


Emily said...

Those cupcakes are too cute!

It was good to see you guys this last week. We are still talking about those brownies! Thanks for coming to the reunion... hope you had fun. Hope to see you soon?

lori said...

ha! I love you. Great times!

danielle said...

Well your hair looks fabulous. I keep trying to fight my own blonderexia...things are getting pretty dishwater over here. We'll see how long I can hold out. Anyway, Baby Rog is pretty much the most darling child ever.

lori said...

I forgot to say I ALWAYS cry at the fourth of July parade. From the moment the first flag passes. Glad to have a kindred spirit =)