Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baz. I love thee.

So here's the part where I fish for sympathy. I had my widsom teeth out Friday afternoon. Boo hoo. I know. But, despite being tired of mushy food, I am doing great. I heard horror stories. HORROR stories! So I am relieved to be feeling pretty well.

On Friday after work, Taylor came to my mom's to collect me and the boys. I had smoothie stains on my sweater, bloody gauze stuffed in my mouth, and a mostly numb face (thus the smoothie stains). I'm sure I was quite a vision for my love.

He scooped me up and took me home, stopping by the Red Box at Wal-Mart for a surprise. Not until the boys had been tucked in did I see what the movie was.

Ooh! I lit up when I saw the opening credits. AUSTRALIA! I'd been wanting to see it forever. We'd heard it was good. Good? NO! It was incredible! We loved it! I wondered why I hadn't heard more hype. I mean, seriously, I loved this movie. It has your scenery, your romance, your adventure, your great acting, your history...all put together by Baz Luhrman, who I happen to loooooove. It was magic.
It left me:
wondering why we don't learn more about Australia in world history
embarrassed that I didn't know more about the terrible things that happened to the aboriginals
wanting to plan a trip down under
loving Nicole Kidman, yet again
loving Hugh Jackman, yet again
more in love with my own 'Drover.'
Have you seen it?
Did you love it?


Katrina said...

We saw it in the theater even and really liked it. But it actually didn't get great reviews. I even heard that Nicole Kidman didn't really like it. Sad.

Sara said...

Great story but I thought it was over like 5 times. I think they could have put it together a little differently so you didn't think there were so many endings. But I did like the story in general.

Jacque said...

I love, love, loved it with all of my Hugh Jackman loving heart. I saw it only a month ago and was left wondering the same thing. I giggled and cried, and was swept away!
I am having nose surgery on Thursday...this might be the medicine I need. Thanks for the reminder.

Joan said...

YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT TILL NOW!?! Anne! I'm shocked! I would be sure that you made the effort to see it in the theater...being that it was directed by Baz and being that you are/were obsessed with "The Moulin Rouge" directed by the one and only Baz. Not to mention that Nicole is the star along side Hugh (sigh).
I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did :)

Eric, CJ, Viana, Brooke, Ram said...

We LOVED it too! Glad you finally got to see it! Love you Anne :)