Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween pics

Oh this poor little neglected blog of mine.

Here's the dish. My husband is working a lot lately. (Someone's gotta make some sweet moolah while I'm playing patty-cakes all day.) (That's a reference to Napoleon Dynamite, in case you didn't catch it.) I seem to be developing dry socket, so it's back to the oral surgeon tomorrow. Awesome. And let's be honest, Bloom has become more of a priority for me lately. It's an important creative outlet for me.

ANYWAY. Better late than never, I'm going to show you some cute Halloween-ness.

The Wednesday before Halloween, the youth in our congegration at church always put on a rad carnival.

Rog in his little pumpkin suit with bear legs and diaper bum and little converse all-stars was pretty much killing me (and everyone).
The first weekend in October, Melis and I took our 6 kids to the mall. When we walked into Gymboree Blaine ran to this fuzzy caterpillar costume and put it on (nevermind it is size 6-12 months). He was so obsessed with it I broke down and bought it for him (let the record show, I never would have if it weren't for a sale and a coupon!). I've never seen him care so much about an article of clothing. Pretty much cute.
I had big costume plans but was busy helping set up the carnival, so I went with my fall-back farmer girl look. Good thing I kept my giant, baggy overalls that were uber cool to wear in high school back in the '90s. What in the heck were any of us thinking? What was Calvin Klein thinking, making them?

By Halloween night I was trashed from my wisdom teeth removal. (Talk about a bummer not to be able to eat candy!) We did a quick circle around the neighborhood, which seemed to suffice. Blaine had just as much fun passing out candy from the blue house. You'll note that this night he opted for the pirate digs from his costume box. (Good thing I bought you that caterpillar costume, kid.)So there you have it. I still have big plans to dress up as Marie Antionette. (And a very specific reason why.) And I probably won't wait until next Halloween. Stay tuned...


Rachael said...

Just to say that if you haven't already made the appointment with the oral surgeon, hie yourself there right away! I had dry sockets for a WEEK before my dentist came back from vacation, and I thought I was going to die. Amazing how instantaneous the relief is once they pack it--so just a bit of encouragement there that it really is worth going back in (and also that mine got worse rather than better the longer I waited!)

Joan said...

Oh ROG! How I LOVE thee and thy fat legged, blue eyed self!

K+N+N+A said...

Cute little Halloween boys! Hope you guys are doing well. :)

Kevin and Nicole