Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkeyversary

Taylor took the day off work today so we could celebrate our anniversary doing something other than eating turkey with 30 other people. (Which is what we'll be happily doing on our real anniversary.)

We had Indian for lunch. Oh my curry, I love Indian. We ran errands. (It doesn't sound glam, but c'mon, do you think there is anything more fun that wandering around Target sans toddlers?) We explored some new-to-us antique and thrift stores. Taylor gasped audibly when he found a copy of the old hardback version of Atlas Shrugged that he's been pining away for. I got a milk glass pitcher and some beveled mirrors for my soon-t0-be collage. (Maybe the only thing more fun than bashing around Target with my husband is having a husband who likes to look at cool old stuff at thrift stores with me.)

Most of November is a blur. Taylor spent three weeks out of town, during which I had various ailments plaguing my body. I reminded myself every day of how minimal my pain was in the grand scheme of things. But you know what? Even smallish things can be hard and sometimes they really add up. By the end of three weeks of single motherhood and a lot of hurting, I was fighting hard to be cheerful every day. I thought a lot about something my friend, Lori, has taught me--that peace and pain can co-exist. And I remembered that we can't know joy without knowing pain. Opposition in all things. And I realized that I wouldn't appreciate all the suffering Jesus did for me very much if I never had any pain.

So tonight I am sitting here, healed of my dry socket and with my voice back and healing from some other issues, and I spent the whole day with my husband and my two boys were cheerful and darling all evening. And I feel like my happiness is effortless today and that makes me more grateful than I could have ever imagined a couple of months ago.

5 years of wedded bliss. Seriously.

And tomorrow I get to eat gravy and wear my newest shoes.

I love this week.


Jill said...

Love you Annie. Loved this post. Happy Thanksgiving! We love you and your family.

Joan said...

"And tomorrow I get to eat gravy and wear my newest shoes." How much do I love that line?! It is so Anne and so perfect. You make me happy.

lori said...

So, I know i never comment on anything anymore! but here I am finally getting around to saying: I LOVE YOU! And I'm glad you and Taylor has a happy unanniversary =) (and I'm sure you had a happy anniversary too...I saw the recipes you posted on bloom and taylor's tart he posted on FYF...=)

Sure miss you!! Happy Christmas season, friends! Wishing you lots of effortlessly happy days (because those are the B E S T!!)