Friday, July 9, 2010

How can you get mad at that face?

After screaming and crying for chocolate chips, and being denied, Rog managed to pull the freezer door open himself. He quickly dragged a barstool over, climbed up, pulled the bag of open chocolate chips off the top shelf of the freezer, and dug in.

And then proceeded to say,

"Did it myseff! Is dat cool, Mom?"


danielle said...

oh yeah, the day that avery discovered the chocolate ice cream lived in the freezer and that she could open it herself changed my life forever. I am just glad we won't have carpet in the kitchen anymore!

its true! they are just too darn cute to get mad at!

Holly Llewellyn said...

sounds like he and Neils would make good friends and get into lots of trouble together..Neils has been scaling our countertops to get into cabinets...little goober!

liz said...

If you're looking for a better place to hide them (top shelf of your closet?), chocolate chips store fine at room temperature. And FYI, not available in Chile! How do they live without them, I want to know. Rog looks so old in that picture -- I still think of him as a baby. Cute thing.

Brianne said...

Wow, he keeps getting cuter!