Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Blue House!

Time to get my beans and rice cooking, gather up the skeleton, cowboy, and monkey's costumes, dig out my purple wig, and ready the trick-or-treat basket (which I may or may not have snitched so much from last night that I made myself ill). I think after circling the neighborhood we better come back for some of Nana's pumpkin-chocolate-chip bread and Mexican hot chocolate...

Happy Halloween!



Taylor said...

Thanks for making life so much fun.

lori said...

Your home is as darling as you and it was fun to read about back to school! I was pretty sad not to do any trick-or-treating on Elm Ave. this year! I actually thought about driving all the way up, but thought we better support our primary's little trunk or treat. Anyway, don't mean to make this comment a novel! Just wanted to say love and miss you!

liz said...

I was going to just say how cute your house looks -- we kind of miss having pumpkins here -- and then Taylor's comment made me cry a little! What an adorable husband he is.

Joan said...

What awe-some pics! They look like they're out of a spooky/vintage Halloween film! :)
And yes, your house looks lovely as always. I miss you too...just so you know ;)

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Elise said...

hey girl. haven't seen you around much lately. i'm glad i get to follow this blog now... hope you're having a fantastic fall and gearing up for a wonderful holiday season. let's do lunch.. for reals this time!