Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week at the coast

We spent the first week of September up North.

Our schedule:
Monday--drive to Portland, swim in hotel pool
Tuesday--Oregon Zoo, Taylor take boys swimming while I shop frantically during final business hours of the day
Wednesday--Return almost everything I bought the night before (never shop with a deadline), drive to Newport, swim in hotel pool
Thursday--Newport Aquarium (definite highlight! amazing, amazing place--way better than the zoo!), beach, swim in hotel pool
Friday--Beach, tidepools, drive home

This was a great family trip. It was a little tough with Carter--there were times when it was just better for me to stay in the car or hotel room with a sleeping or nursing babe (rather than try to sit on sharp rocks at the tidepools with him!), but I was resigned to that. Taylor got to have tons of quality time with the boys. Plus I have an iphone. Hours of entertainment, reading, shopping, and instagram--which I put to good use on the trip:
Rog at the tidepools near Yachats.

Blaine with some of his ocean treasures

One of many meals out. Even with all the 'sights' we saw, some of my most tender memories of the trip are just these little moments eating fluffy pancakes together.

cutest image ever

in the shark tunnel. awesome!

The touching tide pools at the aquarium. We went back 3 times--probably spent half the day there! We're pretty much experts by now.


Melissa said...

What a fun get-away. I remember my first trip away with my 3 year old and 18 month old to visit cousins. I was all excited thinking about our "vacation" (just me and the girls). You can imagine my shock at the school of hard knocks when I learned that "vacations" were something I wouldn't get for a long time. Of course now that I have them (the girls are 12 and 9), we have tons of fun, and it's a little more relaxing, but I miss their littleness on a regular basis. :)

Joan said...

Look all your snazzy "instagram" photos. Isn't that the program on iphone that makes the pics look all vinagey and cool. I like.
I LOVE your family.