Wednesday, November 30, 2011

These Days

{Totally unrelated picture of my yoginis. Shucks that's cute every single time.}

I am decking the halls of the blue house and loving every second of it.

I am mustering up all the will power I have to be a more patient, softer speaking mother.

I am waiting for my new camera lens to arrive in the mail to make all my dreams come true.

I am feeling so relieved that I finished most of my holiday shopping in October.

I am obsessed with Brandon Flowers.

I am rilly rilly super in love with my husband of SEVEN years.

I am still eating meat although a bunch of my longest friends have totally vegged out!

I am putting the final touches on our advent boxes so our December can be amazing.

I am already worried about how hard it will be to wean Carter in 3 months (mostly physically. oh, how that hurts.)

I am loving the Lower Lights Christmas CD.

I am enriched and amazed and humbled every time I visit here.

I am working on a zillion home projects that I can't wait to show you (and I have extensive plans to do so).

I am conquering the daunting task of printing the last 3 years' worth of photos and am in love with Shutterfly.

I am praying for poor little Grandma Tillie to recover from her broken hip and subsequent hip replacement.

I am enjoying my children more. Which is something you can pray for if you need to, by the way. I'm not ashamed to admit that I needed to. And it works.

I am already engaged in my 2012 resolution which is to stay better connected with my beloved.

I am going to smooch my husband now, who just came home from a very long day.



Melissa said...

You are too cute. I've been wanting to tell you, but didn't know how, that I wrote an article for Seeing The Everyday, and they are going to publish it in their Winter issue. They called and asked where I had heard of them, and I replied, "Anne and Emily over at BLOOM". I think I subscribed the day you posted. It is such a wonderful publication, and it speaks to my heart. It sound like you are soaking up every day, and I'm so happy for you! p.s. - I pray regularly for help with my children, to know what they need, to understand their individual personalities, and for help in being the best mother I can. It works. ;)

Kate said...

Loved talking to you the other day! So happy I'm on your list to keep in touch with. I'm going to try my hardest to block out a lunch for you while I'm there for christmas. I'm loving the lower lights christmas album too! I still eat plenty of meat and love it. You inspired me with shutterfly and I made my very first book today and it wasn't even hard! Totally doable. Love it already. Can't wait for a sale so I can order it. (ps how many pages do you make yours?) And I'm really in love my hubby too seven years later... and I still think we need to plan a future trip with the four of us. I think we'd make great travel companions! And on my prayer list tonight... pray that I enjoy L more. Thanks.