Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec 6th

Happy Birthday to my cute, thoughtful, generous, fun Mom. We celebrated with the best salad and pizza in town (kaleidoscope), plus I made jelly belly cupcakes. If you know my mother at all you know that's more than appropriate because she is a binge jelly belly eater.

Did you know that almost once a week my mom and I find a reason to go to the mall together? Our mall is totally small town and pathetic, but when my mom and I are pushing strollers through, hunting for bargains, and treating the kids at Cookie Connection, it feels alright to me.


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lori said...

this made me smile! sure love you! happy brithday to your mom! i've loved her for years now! =) (i still remember you talking about her during our spring walks. those were lovely days, no?!)