Monday, January 9, 2012

I am so outnumbered.

There are so many more boys than girls in this house! The other day Blaine said, 'Mom, can you get down the Dangerous Book for Boys for me? And then can you please leave my room? It's got secret stuff just for boys.'


I'm predicting all boys. Hopefully they'll turn out as strapping as Mitt's.

Pictured: what it looks like when I go to the mall. And now that I'm feeling sooooo much better, the mall sounds pretty fun. Shall we, Mom?


jeanine said...

I know just how you feel Anne... and my boys like to remind me all the time! Although I am still hoping for just one girl!

Melissa said...

I wonder if my husband feels that way about our house full of girls. I'll have to ask him. :)

Joan said...

Isn't it grand?! :)
I think its fun that we both have three boys. I know if I'm ever feeling alone in the world I can always call you and you'll know exactly how I feel and just what I need to hear to feel better.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that we got a Christmas card this week (that's how long they take to get to Chile!) from some friends we knew years ago as newlyweds. They have a pile of boys too, and every couple of years there would be a new one, but I was pretty sure they were done at 5. Five boys. This year, I was surprised to see that they had had another one. Another boy. Six boys. That's twice as much as your current batch. Isn't she lucky? I'm positive that having a bunch of boys is a judgment on me for being so boy-crazy as a teenager and keeping mom up at night ;)