Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Thanks for the kind words, friends. You make me want to keep writing.

Here we are today--in the Walmart parking lot. Rog is eating the Nestle Drumstick I just bought him. I thought he deserved it after being dragged around. I was so light headed in there I almost called someone to pick me up. I'm on week 3 of leg aches, headaches, general feverishness, and now light headedness. I've considered the swine flu, cancer, meningitis, lupes, mono, you name it. One thing I have for sure: hypochondria. It's probably a wacky hormone shift or a virus. But don't you worry I just bought a pregnancy test too, because, as stated above, I'm considering pretty much everything.

Now I'll go back to sitting in my disgustingly filthy minivan and watching chocolate ice cream drip down Rog's hands. Here's to keeping it real.


Savannah said...

Sorry you're feeling so ill! On the bright side, from the looks of this picture it seems like you got a killer parking space, which is pretty much unheard of at Wally World!

Taylor said...

Thanks for the heads up on the pregnancy test. Seriously, you told your blog before me? Make sure to fill me on the results.

rae said...

Lol love this Anne, and especially loved your last post. I don't care much for career blogs myself - i occasionally drop in for design inspiration or out of pure boredom. But mostly, I am drawn to real, simple, GOOD lives and the author's thoughts. Bread and butter I tell ya!

Happy New Year to your beautiful family!


rae said...

and double lol on your husband's comment. Oh how my husband can relate: i think he reads my blog simply to catch up on the status of our marriage.


Joan said...

If I walk around Walmart with you will you buy me a drumstick?! :)