Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some day we will all be healthy

Blaine hasn't moved much from my desk today. Last night he (my son with a steel gut and the most amazing immune system known to man) hopped into bed with his usual menagerie (literally 20 animals), pulled up his covers, and suddenly barfed his guts out.

So I'm ok with an entire day of screen time. Quite frankly, I think if you have just had to deal with regurgitated jambalaya in you ears and eyelashes, you deserve the moon.

Off to rotate the laundry,


Joan said...

Poor guy...jambalaya going down is a savory delight but coming up?! No me gusta.
I hope he recovers quickly :)

Laurie said...

We all have the nastiest stomach flu about 3 weeks ago (me too and I am pregnant and thought the whole thing was so unfair). It took me forever to wash all of the bedding, clothing, floors, etc. It was the worst. I hope he feels better and that everyone is spared.