Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday morning

We drove up to the blue house around 10:00 last night after a long, rainy, windy drive home from the coast. Don't worry, Roger got the flu an hour before we left, so he threw up about 9 times on the way home. By the end it was just him and his sallow little face, wearing only undies, clutching his Sierra Mist, finding solace in the distraction of scholastic DVDs. I got to hold the barf bucket, dumping it out the window intermittently. Awesome.

I let Blaine sleep in until 10 am and kept him home from school. When I was a teacher I would have though that was lame. But now I'm a mom and, didn't you hear? Mother knows best.

Now, at 11:26, I'm in bed in my awesome gray sweats, reading the Book of Mormon on my phone (which luxury I adore), wondering if i could pull off red lipstick, hoping Mitt can pull it out, and watching my boys. The olders are playing poussin rouge, the coolest website ever. The babe is rolling and crawling around on the floor with a mechanical pencil and eating from the pile of cheerios I dumped on the ground for him.

My life is so glam ;)


Danielle said...

yes you can. you have the perfect coloring for red lipstick. go for it.

sorry poor rog...I have the same thing buddy. so sad for you.

Joan said...

HA HA HA HA!!! "...and eating from the pile of cheerios I dumped on the ground for him!"
Life is so, so good--even if barf buckets are involved ;)

Melissa said...

I let my oldest stay home today. She had a headache and stomach ache. I am the same in my teacher brain thinking she should go to school unless she has a fever. But we do know best, and she wasn't acting like herself. Momma does know best.