Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I wore to Church: The Colonel meets Gilligan meets Oompa Loompa

I wore my favorite outfit to church yesterday. My favorite because I like the combination, but also my favorite because each of the individual items are my favorites.

The skirt is from Shabby Apple and has been a great find. (I did a lot of looking for the right navy pencil skirt.) I love that it is nice and long, really comfy for a high-waisted skirt, and the gold sailor buttons give it a little extra character. Here's something I need to learn to make: pencil skirts.
PhotobucketThe blouse I got a few years ago at Down East. I'm crazy for a tie neck blouse. I think it dates back to my sister, Kathryn, rocking them in the early 1980's. Either that or our family's connection to the colonel. (Never heard that bit of my family history? My grandpa was bff with Colonel Sanders and owned a bunch of KFC's back in the day. My mom has a diamond necklace with the Colonel's face on it. My uncle wet the bed on the Colonel. True story.)

PhotobucketThese are my favorite pair of colorful tights this year. They're from Forever 21 (who has an astonishing online selection of tights). I've been told I look like an Oompa Loompa in them.

PhotobucketThe shoes are my favorite brand, Seychelles. I love Seychelles because their shoes are impeccably made, unique, and ultra comfortable. They are pretty spendy unless you find a good deal on Zappos, which is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest companies ever.

If I were a really cool blogger I would have taken these pictures with nice outdoor light instead of in my bathroom after dark (Taylor: "What are you doing in there?"), but I missed my daylight window while I was sacked out on my Mother's couch after our family lunch. That nap also accounts for my wrinkly skirt. But you get the idea.

And lest you should think I only care about the clothes I wear to church, tomorrow I'll tell you about an amazing thing that happened yesterday after the Sunday School class I teach.



Melissa said...

Your outfit is adorable! I am so going to Forever 21 to check out the tights. I love, love, love that tights are making a come back.

Joan said...

You have such awesome taste, Anne. I aspire to be as brave as you are in the clothing dept...especially the tights dept. You know how to rock rad tights. And you are so good at creating your own look that just has "Anne" written all over it.
I bought my first pair of Seychelles for my birthday one year and have been drawn to the brand ever since.

Ps: time for you to comment now ;)