Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogging from 1212

I'm here at Grandma Tillie's. Sweet little thing left us and we've just had her funeral. So many tender and hilarious memories of her and this house. So many thoughts about the make-up of the soul: the spirit plus the body, and the eternal nature of life. There is much to say, but I am busy letting the children play with their cousins, chatting with my in-laws, and helping the family sort through an immense amount of stuff. Don't you worry, I'll model my new housecoats for you soon. They make me feel like playing cards, licking the brownie batter off the beaters, and chuckling that my pantyhose fell down around my knees. Oh, Gram, we miss you...

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Joan said...

Just seeing that address placard makes me happy.
I love that lady and her house--a place where so many joyfilled memories were made.