Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not slowing down any time soon

Sorry if I'm slightly absent around here. Like you, I'm enjoying a busy summer. Specifically, I'm preparing for Jessie's baby shower on my new patio (wait 'til you see it! Taylor is my hero!), awaiting Liz's arrival from Chile, and planning my little girl's nursery (plus scads of other home projects I'm dying to wrap up before September). Today in particular, I'm shuffling around the house in my favorite Tillie housecoat and bedhead, trying to motivate my children to make their beds and do their chores.
Happy Summer!


stacey said...

pretty sure my good hair days are way below your beadhead days. love that housecoat!

Joan said...

You lucky duck! A Gma Tillie housecoat! I'm super jealous :)
I am DY-ING to see the patio and all the pics from Jessie's baby shower!
Too FUN!