Sunday, May 6, 2007

Trivial Tuesday Begins

Sorry. I've been busy. Doing what, you ask?

*Youth conference at church.
*Laundry (Blaine threw up on the couch.)
*Cleaning Grandma Tillie's house. (Gram: "Well, what do you charge?" Anne: "Hmmm...How about 2 years of free rent?") By the way, how cute is Grandma?! Quite a dish for 86, wouldn't you agree?
*Laundry (Blaine threw up on my bed.)
*Laundry (Blaine threw up in his bed.)
*Doing the endless mountain of dishes that is my life without a dishwasher.
*Laundry (Blaine threw up at Grandma's house.)
So I've been super busy but happy. Tonight I'm all a flutter because The Gilmore Girls is ending next week. ENDING. Now I've had many shows. MANY. But never have I loved a show like GiGi. Tonight as Logan proposed to Rory my heart was beating as fast as when Taylor proposed to me! When she said no (I know! WHAT??!!) I felt sick to my stomach and still kinda do. I have to focus very hard to remind myself that they are not real people!
Speaking of TV, while I was doing the heretofore named mountain of dishes, Taylor entertained me most brilliantly. He found this website on which you can play themesongs to television shows. He played song after song and I named show after show. Of course "Full House" and "The Cosby Show" were easy. But Taylor (and I!) thought I was especially amazing when I correctly identified the themesongs to "Mr. Belvedeere," "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper," "Night Court," and "Doogie Howser, M.D." We were dying laughing! I was jumping up and down and squealing with delight as I relived those hilarious TVmoments!

Did you know that about me? That I used to watch A LOT of TV, and that I have a STEEL TRAP MEMORY especially for utter frivolity? Ever played Trivial Pursuit? I will rock your pink-piece-of pie-world! (Pink=pop culture.) So I decided that I'd start a little pink-piece-of-pie game on my blog. I'll give you a question. See if you can answer it. We'll call it "Trivial Tuesday."

First question: What 1980s sitcom do these themesong lyrics belong to?

"Thank you for being a friend. Travel down the road and back again. Your heart is true; you're a pal and a confidant. And if you threw a party, inviting everyone you knew--you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, 'Thank you for being a friend.'"

OOOOHHHH I absolutely love this game!

Good luck!


liz said...

Oh come on. You can come up with a harder one than that. (I won't put the GG answer here, in case someone else wants to play.) We should play Trivial Pursuit some time -- who do you think would win? I wasn't really surprised btw that Rory said no last night, but I was surprised that Logan just walked off so abruptly. Huh? I'm going to be a little ticked if Lorelai and Luke aren't together at the end next week... Love you, sis. Glad someone else is as weirdly interested in tv shows as I am.

sarah k. said...

I watched Golden Girls ALL the time! I totally memorized the song too, and I would sing right along with the tv. I found you on C Jane, loved that picture of Taylor!

lori said...

I always knew we were destined to be friends, Anne - and now I know that it is so you can help my poor, struggling pink pie piece! I HATE the pink category in trivial pursuit. I RARELY get an answer right. Bah! So, I plan to be an avid "Trivial Tuesday" player (or at least an avid question/answer reader!). How fun you are! I'm so sorry blaine has been a thrower-up-er. I'm glad he's not sick - but that's still so much laundry!
Sad that I missed our walking today - there were a few MUST-accomplish tasks that I had to hit early - but I find myself missing "Anne conversations"...
Looking forward to VT tomorrow and BLAINE"S B_DAY PARTY on Sat. Sorry this was so long!

Spires Family said...

I am almost as excited that I know the answer to that question as I am about "Trivial Tuesday"! Golden Girls is a fav and also one of my mother in laws favorites, right up there with Murder She Wrote! I am a little urked that I read your e-mail because I missed G.G. and now I know what happens. Yikes. No worries I have fallen a little behind. Mark and I don't have a T.V. Yes Anne, NO T.V.! Can you believe it? I have to tell you that I found 2 versions of Trivial Pursuit at a garage sale and bought them both for $4. I thought of you while handing her the money. I would love a challenge someday! Love ya, Traci

Pearlmarie said...

Impressed you are so good at Trivial Pursuit-- I am just the opposite. You should try Tribond. It's a great, but difficult, trivia game.

Golden Girls, right?

kate said...

Oh how I love you. I almost called you the second Gilmore Girls got over...but then thought to myself, "maybe she hasn't watched it yet because maybe she's at a lame meeting and I don't want to ruin it for her because I know how dearly she loves this show!" So I am so glad to see you have devoted part of this post to the Gilmore ladies. I didn't use to be a GG watcher but you totally have me hooked! I know how skanky Lorilei is because after she cheated on Luke and went back to Christopher and then she married Christopher and then broke up that marriage (she has no morals-but dang, she and Rory are good dressers) and now I do hope she and Luke get together...I mean I can cut the tension with a knife and boy was this weeks episode awkward! But I do love it, and now that it's ending and I just got into it this season...I'm totally bugged...Maybe I should come to your house next Tuesday night and watch it with you...Oh, oh...can we have a Series Finale Party with chocolate and we will wear our most Gilmore Girls like outfits!! I'm serious. I'm planning it already in my head. Ok this is the longest comment ever...and thanks for letting me borrow your it turned out, it totally worked!!!!!!!

Golden Girls! That's probably the only answer I'll get right...

jeanine said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while now... I'm a friend of Lori's. Anyhow, I had to say that I love Gilmore Girls and my husband often reminds me that they are not real people. I'm so sad that it will be over next week! Luke and Lorelai HAVE to be together next week! Thanks for the fun blog.

Kira said...

I like trivia tuesday! I'm your sisters sis.-in-law and I just wanted to tell you that I love hearing about your son. I have a 2 year old and it is great to hear all about the antics of other kids (even the throwing up...)

LCM said...

I am coming out of lurkdom. I am a high school friend of Liz's. I got the Golden Girls too!
I totally rock Trivial Pursuit, my husband has beaten me only once or twice...I just really suck at orange, so while I circle the board trying to land on it and answer he almost catches up.

Amy Jean said...

Ditto everything Jeanine said. I LOVE Gilmore Girls and I have all the seasons. I cried the last 2 episodes. I may be hormonal, but still...they were good!
I am terrible at pink questions, but ask Lori about our trivial pursuit nights. Try adding some Harry Potter Every Flavor Beans...good motivation to get the right answer... thanks for letting me crash your blog.

me said...

what is that website ... I want to check it out!! Golden Girls ... gotta love Sophia!

m&mfan said...

Honestly, I had no clue to the answer of your question! I never watched a single episode of Golden Girls...come to think of it, I never watched any of those good oldies that everyone talks about! I don't even watch Gigi! My only show is Lost, can we still be friends? ;)

m&mfan said...

Oops, this is Heidi, I was signed in on my extended families' blog.